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Flaccid glans gain

Flaccid glans gain for foreskin retraction

I’m uncut and i do foreskin retraction (keeping the foreskin retracted permanently as an alternative to circumcision(anyone interested in or confused by this should check out this post: for all those intacts who want to be cut )). This works fine and i have been retracted now for just over a year, but occasionally (generally when doing activities such as crouching or running) my foreskin rolls back over the glans. My lastest idea to stop this from happening is to increase the flaccid size of my glans so it is harder for my foreskin to roll over it.

I was wondering if anyone had any info/advice/excercises they have found to work on, enlarging the flaccid size of the glans.

I’m currently doing a routine of uli’s that go right up to just beneath the glans. My routine is:

5 2second ulis

1 10second uli

repeated for 15min

once a day

Is this routine good enough for me to see a difference in flaccid glans size over time? Is there a better way to achieve this?

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I’ve posted about this before.

Tough question

The tissue covering the glans (the end of the corpus spongiosum) is not like the tunica surrounding the corpora caversum. It isn’t tough, it’s very expandable and balloon-like. This makes it difficult to deform or stretch (and therefore make it bigger). Some guys report a bit of success in getting a bigger head, but it takes a lot of work and a long time. For most it seems to be a very difficult task to accomplish. See the links in my post above that may help.

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