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Why are my right side ligs stretching better than my left side ligs?

Why are my right side ligs stretching better than my left side ligs?

While doing manual stretches it seems that my right side ligs are getting a better stretch. I work both sides evenly but I get more fatigue and lig pops on the right side. Is this normal or should I try something to help out the left side? Thanks.


While flaccid, does your penis sit to one side? The right side?

If so, then I guess your right lig is just shorter. Extra stretching off to the left could help with this, but either way it’ll probably even out eventually.

Beyond what IM said…

It could be that you are actually working one side better than the other despite your best efforts, or one side could have weaker ligs than the other.

If you don’t actually see an obvious tilt to one side when fully erect everything is probably fine. You might consider stretching the ligs equally, losing the divide an conquer benefit but maybe pulling harder to compensate, possibly using v-streches.

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