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Possible to gain length by solely jelqing

Possible to gain length by solely jelqing

Hello everyone. Pretty new to the forum here and somewhat to PE as well.

As a newbie, I have some question marks.. Asking for those of you who’re experienced in the subject to shed some light on the matter.

My question is pretty straightforward (and I suspect that I’ll be getting mixed answers, but still.), is it possible to gain ERECT length by just jelqing? That is, if you do them on a low erection level (30-50% ?).
The thing is that I’ve been following the newbie routine for about 3 weeks soon and I find stretches troublesome to do, and I don’t “feel” that they are doing anything at all either!

10 min warm up.
About 10 min 30-sec stretches in various directions.
20 min WET jelqs, 3-5 seconds per stroke.
5-10 min warm down.

2 on/1 off.

That is what I’ve been doing, taking extra rest days when I felt it was needed.
I’ll be honest.. The first week I actually started out by doing 5 on/1 off, but after reading about how “less is more” on here, I switched to this.

What have my results been?

I actually haven’t measured since I started, so I don’t know if I’ve had any real gains or not. At some points my erections looked and felt bigger, but I’m guessing that’s because my EQ has improved. Seeing as how some of you have struggled for years “just” to get half an inch, I really can’t expect my gains to come along in less than a month! The only other thing beside my improved EQ would be the feel of my shaft.. It’s gotten softer, squishier, if that makes any sense? Has anyone else noticed this or is it just me?

Just one last thing.. Bear with me! I am uncircumcised, so when I perform (wet) jelqs I allow the foreskin to collect over the glands. The whole point to jelqing is to push the blood forward until it forces the glands to expand, right? Because that’s what I’ve been doing. I hope that’s a good sign that I’m doing it right!

Whew.. I didn’t quite expect my first post to get this long, but I think I managed to cover it all!
And before anyone links me to tutorials etc. I’m just looking for a second opinion!

Thank you.

Sparyx hit the nail on the head. All my research has lead me to that.

It’s good for growth period. Not solely girth or length.

Thank you for your replies.

Yes, of course I realize jelqing is the overall “best” PE exercise. That also works for both length and girth.. But I’m wondering if I should keep stretching even though it doesn’t feel like it’s doing anything, or just ditch them and up the time and/or intensity on my wet jelqs instead? I’m thinking maybe 30 mins with slightly harder strokes, or would that be a bad idea?

Jelquing properly is both stretching for length and squeezing for girth…and you can shift it to more length by working at a lower erection level and accentuating the stretching aspect. Therefore you can skip the pre jelquing stretch.

Jelquing is a bit of an art, so most guys take a while to get it down to where they are doing it correctly.

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