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How can I gain only length

How can I gain only length

Hey guys, I have pe’ing for quite some time now but I naturally have too much girth. I am currently 8” bpel and 6.5” eg. My dick doesn’t look as big as it is because it is so fat. What can I do to gain only length?

I wish I had your problems :)

Try to hang or manual stretch.

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Tie it to your buddy’s truck bumper and tell him to hit the gas.

…or try hanging and streching.

Started 10/1/04 Approaching 7x5, Going for 8x6

Yeah I’m going for hanging strictly right now just because itll be easier to hang a cock with 5” worth of girth over the 6+” that I want. So length first then girth second.

P.s. I hate you. J/k nice size man :)

I hate you, not J/k. Then again, I hate everyone. teehee

You shouldn’t worry about length too much…8 is actually perfect. If anything, I would keep working on the girth along WITH length. If you did both, you could probably get up to 9x7, which would basically put any girl you’re sleeping with in the hospital the next day. Work on both.

BTW, I do hate you. 6.5 girth, and you complain…man oh man do I wish I had that to complain about.

F*ck! 6.5 .. If you want to gain just length jelq with palms down in 3secs passes or very fast ones, thats depends on you.

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Originally Posted by DremelGawD
F*ck! 6.5 .. If you want to gain just length jelq with palms down in 3secs passes or very fast ones, thats depends on you.

Who’s the chick in your avatar with the slamming ass.

With that size you really don’t need PE.

If you want some length, try stretching

Originally Posted by SNM
With that size you really don’t need PE.

I am a firm believer that every man needs PE, even if it’s just for enhancement instead of enlargement.

Try stretching or hanging.


Even with just stretching or hanging routines, some guys still report girth gains. Sometimes you just have to accept the gains you achieve regardless of your best efforts to target just one dimension.

I don’t think any woman is going to look at your cock and consider it small, or even average for that matter. Big is big and girth is what truly makes a big cock look huge.

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