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can't gain length

can't gain length

I just cannot seem to gain anything length while doing this PE exercises. I currently doing manual stretches 30 seconds in each directions(left, right, up, down, straight out) at 5 times each. I use just the normal OK Grip at the top of my head Then I do my girth exercises and I have no problem with seeing and feeling gains on that, but I just cannot get anything out of it. Does anyone have any advice for me? I barely feel it when I do my stretches unless it straight down, and I know that’s just my ligs strecthing.

I’m pretty new to the whole PE thing myself but I’ve noticed that when stretching to 12:00 (up to your chin) it’s a totally different feeling than stretching to 6:00 (down to your toes). When stretching to 6 it almost feels as though your going to pull your penis clean off your body. Whereas stretching to 12 I seem to feel it all through my penis. Hard to explain, I’m sure some people can relate.

My advice is you might just wanna try stretching harder - within reason obviously.


A few things:

How long have you been at it? I see June of this year under your info.

Also, regardless of how long or how much you’ve been at this, you would benefit greatly from reading as much as you can. I especially reccommend Bib’s LOT theory. This is a pretty concise take on how best to attack the problem of length gains. If you have read it and have followed those threads that answer any confusion you have about it but you still don’t understand it - ask questions.

You may, in the long run want to consider a more specific approach to length gains ie, hanging or pumping - but none of this means anything until you tell specifically what your routine is, how often you do it, and how long you’ve been at it.



Did you try pulling the foreskin back towards your body, then apply your “ok” grip behind the glans? When you apply your grip like this you pull the inner penis and not just skin.

Maybe your pulling intensity can be upped a little bit? Give it a good pull, try to find your limits without over doing it.

Maybe you need a better grip? Toilet paper or baby powder work really good, I think latex gloves have the best grip.

Also what might help is if you do your stretching routine more than once a day. Maybe add a stretching session in the morning and noon in addition to your main one. Some people give there dick a little stretch every time they use the toilet.

Hanging is another option.

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