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Possible ligament damage

Possible ligament damage

Iv seen a few threads about torn ligaments but I do not believe my problem is that serious, after a longer than usual jelqing session(no stretching on that day) I began to feel a weird sensation near my pubic area since then I have taken 1 day off but after some very rough sex the sensation has gotten worse. When I pull back my foreskin I can feel a weird feeling in the back of my leg. I do not think it is too serious as I can still maintain a full erection and I wouldn’t say that my penis feels “disconnected” as others have posted, that said my penis does hang over an inch lower than usual when flaccid (not really a bad thing) even though iv only resumed PE for about a week. Iv also got some pain in the head of my penis but I’m assuming it’s unrelated. What I would like to know is what kind of injury I may have and when it would be wise to continue PE.

Pain is never a good thing. So it is unwise to continue PE until you feel that things are OK.

It’s kind of like working out your muscles - you want that “sore” feeling, but you don’t want to feel that you’ve actually strained something.

regards, mgus

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