Ligament Damage can cause cold penis

This is what I have experienced and while I’m not a doctor I think it’s accurate enough. I’ll explain my theory.

I damaged a lig. On the left side of the penis. It seems to be healing itself. When I got the injury (from overstretching), I noticed pain on the left side and a kind of a lump right at the junction when my leg attaches to my body. I read up and heard the word hernia and then worried for a couple of days. On the mon I went to a doc she said that there was no permanent damage and that the lump was one of my lymph nodes and it was swollen because of the injury but it should go down over time. Since then I have noticed that the left side of my penis gets a bit cold sometimes (I think it’s slowly getting better). I looked up these on our old friend the internet and found that they are located right ontop of or beside some fairly big blood vessels as they have something to do with white blood cells. I reckon that the swollen lymph is cutting off a bit of the circulation or at least slowing it down and that this is the reason for the coldness on the left side only as the injury is here. If I stand up or get an erection it goes away so I’m not too worried but the doc did say that I was to come back if the swelling did not go down. When my injury is healed (hurry up you little cunt!) it’ll be jelq, jelq, jelq till the coldness melts so don’t worry too much if your in same boat, bye.