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Ligament Damage

Ligament Damage

The day after some hard’ish manual stretching I experienced a few short pains at the base and although these have now, in general, subsided I have an EQ that is downright poor. In fact, I’m having trouble getting anywhere near my usual; previously I’ve been able to get rock-hard at a second’s now I’m a little anxious as you’d expect. Though I can get erect it’s not spectacular!

Not only this but something about how my dick feels is a little odd; not to the touch, but it’s presence feels a little like it’s half there or something. This is strange and perhaps psychological, I don’t know.

Also, visually I can’t see anything that’s altered- nothing bulging; no new lumps etc

Has anybody been there and come through or otherwise? Does this sound like ligament damage and will this self-repair with rest? I know being anxious in itself may be playing a part here. I’ve been like this for about three days.

Any ideas or advice will be greatly appreciated, in the meantime I’ll carrying on searching and hoping that this isn’t irreversible.


Ps please people, take time to warm up sufficiently. Looking back, I’m wondering if this was my mistake and the cause of my current predicament!

Rest, Rest, Rest..

I manually stretched too hard one day and I paid the price the next few days. I was very sore at the base and I could see bulges on the side of my unit. I just rested and all was back to normal in a about a week.

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Ligament damage shouldn’t affect bloodflow to the penis and hence erections so it’s probably a psychological thing, it happens to everybody when you suspect something is seriously wrong with your penis so don’t worry

I have personally damaged my ligaments and it generally results in an erection which feels ‘loose’ at the base and which, while masturbating, sort of tugs itself back in slightly in as though I’m kegeling with every single stroke (I really shouldn’t masturbate with lig damage but I couldn’t help it!).. It healed on it’s own and theres no permanent issues, plus penis enlargement surgery is basically controlled damage to the ligs, so I wouldn’t worry even if you did happen to hurt yourself.

Yep, take time off, take your vitamins and fish oils. Hot wraps and massaging are great too. Other than that, just leave him alone!

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Hey I don’t know. Ligaments are the enemy. One guy injured his and gained .5” immediately, sounds like a good gig to me.

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