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Please help - [pumping] tube size for girth?

Please help - [pumping] tube size for girth?

My head girth is 4 while my base girth is only 3.6 inch; my length is 5.5
1.75” tubes are probably much too big for me, aren’t they?
Now, most companies don’t offer smaller tubes than 1.75”, some offer 1.50”
Is there some kind of standard -> I mean do you think you can combine different tubes and pumps of different companies?
What length should I take; 8, 9 or 10?

thx for helping, surfing at various pump-company sites I became insecure, I am afraid spending time and money on the wrong tube

At the moment I favor a 1.50” * 9 inch tube of Los Angeles Pumps (or should I go for 8 inch?)

another idea:
Is getting girth encouraged when you hit the end of the tube, the penis not being able to get any longer? ok, this sounds bad

If you can get a 1.50” tube that is 9” long, go for that.

You won’t mind at all having to move up to a 1.75” somewhere down the road, or the money that will cost you.



It’s a good news bad news story. I think you are right, lapdist does offer a 1.5 inch tube and that is the good news. The bad news is that their web site is still down, reportedly due to server problems.
When they get it running again, the tube for you would be the 9”X1.5”.

Pumping automatically targets girth, so you don’t have to worry about helping it along.

When it’s up and running again, here is the web site that shows the deluxe package that features the pump with gauge:…egory_Code=Pkgs

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