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planning to pump, what size tube?

planning to pump, what size tube?

I’ve read through a bunch of the postings on this issue and I’m pretty sure I know what to go for but, I figured I’d at least confide in you all first, and just say hi aswell considering I’ll be posting in the pumper forum now!

I’ve been doing PE for about 8 months now, I’ve had strange results.. I can get really amazing post session gains of about a quarter inch girth.. but I haven’t been able to cement the gains yet.. my main exersize has been Uli’s and I’ve been getting some heavy discoloration, and I injured my self a number of times which prevents me from keeping at it and cementing my gains.

Right now I’m waiting for my bruised skin to scab and peel away before I can PE again :( but I’ve decided to buy a pump after reading posts! So here’s my stats

None pumped: 5” base, 4.7” midshaft and 4.4” end

I’m looking to gain mostly girth, don’t really care about length, 6.25 is long enough.
So I need a 1.75” tube right? that’s about 5.5” circumfrence?

I’ve got one more question, I can’t use a credit card to buy a pump online so I’m gunna have to goto one of the sex shops around here… does anyone know of a good brand name that may apear in these types of places?

thanks for any info

So I went down the street to the porn shop, and it turns out they have a ton of these pumping devices, about 7 or 8 different kinds. Unfortunatly the only one with a gage was like 200 bucks though! I ended up buying the Hustler Master Cylinder penis pump which you can see here…-Penis-Pump.htm

So I just tried it out and my first concern was that since the tube is a translucent gray.. I can’t see my dick through the tube very clearly, what do you guys think about the colored tubes? I think that may be a problem…

Plus the really shocking thing was that, it seemed like I could pack the tube both girth and lengthwize quite easily even though I’m way smaller than the tube!! I don’t really understand it and not being able to see through the tube makes it more difficult to understand. I’m 5”girth base and 4.7 midshaft .. but the tube sure seems to be about 5.5” around on the inside, not including the plastic.

Jeez it’s so .. neat… and frieghtening being able to manipulate the size of my penis with each squeeze of the pump.. even though I’ve been doing PE for such a long time.. pumps are incredible! Like I said, the tube is much bigger than me but when I give it a few pumps all of the sudden my shaft seems to be brushing up against the tube walls, maybe this has to do with the fact that I’ve been doing PE for so long, I just haven’t cemented my gains but they’re kind of half there.

Please get back to me about the tube size, the colored tube (can’t see my dick well) and the fact that there’s no gage.. is there any way I can estimate how much pressure I’m using?

“Translucent Chamber for Awesome Visuals” the ad says. They should have made it transparent.

Lots of guys find that 5.5 girth doesn’t work in a 1.75 tube, even though a lot of charts recommend 1.75 diameter for that girth. I always see 5.5 as being on the cusp. You can go either way; better for length, yes, but not for girth in your case.

Since you already bought this (cheap, flimsy, no-gauge, non-see-through) pump kit though, work with it awhile and when you can afford it either buy a good kit or follow the suggestions of guys here who have built their own with durable parts and using good cylinders. Use a whole lot of lube if you are already packing the sides.

Ulis: Great for girth but nearly everybody overdoes them. I can’t believe you got yourself to the point of scabs sloughing off. Sensible Ulis, done in moderation won’t either discolor or bruise you. Cut way back on them when you heal.

Welcome to pumping and keep us posted. But please take it easier than you have in the past.



Jimmy: Pumping and ANY other form of PE is a whole lot like going to the gym. You bench 150 and increase when your body tells you to go up to 155; if you stop your workout for vacation, travel, work, etc and not there for a month then your body can’t do the 150 and you have to drop back to 125 or so and heal. It would be better to stay at it at a moderate pace and increase your size slowly then to take a lot of time off and heal. There is a time for repairing tissue and growing—This is your rest time of usually 2 days when you do not do anything. Drink a lot of water during your PE; read Avocet’s pumping 101 many times. We’ve all been there with injuries but never heard of bruising that resulted in those conditions. Never overdo is my best advise and I’ve been at it for about 8 years. Steve

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