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what size tube

what size tube

i have an eg of 5.5inchs la pumps recommend a1.75 inch tube ,what girth will this tube allow my penis to pump too?

I think you’re just on the line between a 1.75 tube and a 2.00 inch one. Maybe it’s better for you to go for a 2.00 inch, don’t they say to go for 1.75 for anything *under* 5.5 inch girth?

Also how long have you been PEing for? Cause if you’re a newbie you might get girth gains soon and than a 1.75 might be too small after a while.

what size tube

thanks for the reply,yes i am a newbie i have been pe’ing for about 3 months now,i have a bib hanger and have been doing some jelqing and extreme uli for girth .i guess i have gained about .25inch in lenght and girth in that time,depending on how hard i am ,so in reality i may not have gained at all ,i hate doing girth exercises if anything they can be a little painfull and too labour intensive,thats why i want to pump.

hey liquid,

no need to post the same thing in pumpers and main members forums :)

Its bound to get picked up in one.


If you’re into girth - how about the horses? Have you tried them already? I guess after 3 months of jelquing it’s ok to do those too together with your uli’s. They can give you amazing girth gains in a short period.

It might be hard for you now to do the girth stuff but I’m sure you’ll get used to that and it won’t seem so hard later on. I think that it’s very important to keep on doing the girth stuff even when you pump. For best results you should pump and then do some squeezes and then pump again and so on.

Pumping alone without doing the squeezes might give you only temporary results, or if you will have real gains, they might take much longer to cement.

Do them both + horses and you won’t believe the results!

Keep us posted, but double check the size of the tube thing. I was just speculating 2 inches could be good for you, however there are much more experienced pumpers around here, so try to get they’re opinion aswell.

I think you could go either way on the tube size. If I were you, I’d base the decision on whether I wanted more girth gain or more length gain initially. The narrower tube will likely give you more length pull if you “pack” it with your present 5.5 girth.

The wider tube will give you more space for expansion, yes, but you may also find that you do not get as tight a seal as you would with the 1.75.

Either way, order a 10” long tube and no shorter.



tube size toss-up, but...

liquidlust 1,

I agree with Avocet8 that your current 5.5 girth puts your decision making right on the fence. To help you make your choice, I have a few comments to make.

Depending on your budget and how serious you think you might want to get into incorporating pumping into your PE routines, I suggest that you start with the 1.75 inch diameter and then eventually move up to the 2.00 inch. I’ve been pumping for awhile and even though my erect girth width reaches 6.75 inches unpumped, I still like beginning my pumping sessions in the 1.75 inch tube. This size gives my dick the opportunity to “pack” quicker and more fully and evenly up the entire shaft and gives me real good stretches for better length gains. You’ll be able to get several months worth of good and effective use out of this size alone.

I then move to the 2.00 inch size and continue the pumping session. With my dick already expanded from the 1.75 inch tube, it makes the “packing” in the 2.00 inch tube again faster and more effective. Again, I believe that this kind of transitional pumping gives me personally the most effective and lasting results. When time permits and when I really want to push the pumping envelope, I move up to a 2.5 inch diameter tube.

Points to note for beginner pumpers:
1. If the tube diameter is too big, it takes longer to achieve an effective pump
2. If the tube diameter is too big, it may be more difficult to get a good seal
3. If the tube diameter is too big, the ballsac may get sucked up into the tube.
For some this is desirable, but if your goal is to concentrate on your dick, then
consider this possibility.

Pumping size math info:
1.75 inch diameter = 5.50 inch circumference
2.00 inch diameter = 6.28 inch circumference
2.25 inch diameter = 7.07 inch circumference
2.50 inch diameter = 7.85 inch circumference

Don’t let the sizes above confuse your pumping decision. Remember that when you pump in the tube, your dick is pliable and adjusts/squeezes into the tube shape in which it is housed. So a good tightly”packed” pump in a 1.75 inch tube (5.5 inch circumference), when released will result in an expanded and relaxed pumped dick bigger than 5.5 inches circumference. Again, the priority here is effective pumping, rather than trying to overreach too quickly with a bigger tube.

This is a much longer response than I had originally planned, but I thought all of the details needed to be given for you and others to use. Let us know what you decide to do and how it all works out. Good luck!


what size tube

Thankyou everyone for the excellent advice,i’ll check the budget and if it allows me to buy the 1.75 and the 2 inch tubes.


I am personally using the smaller diameter tube in an effort to add length. I will not go up in diameter until I can pretty much fill my current tube, as girth is not my emphasis right now. IMHO you need to decide what you want to work on. Pick either length or girth and go for it.

peforeal… That is an excellent post. I am assuming your routine is focused pretty much exclusively on girth- is this correct?

"...its' natural environment is in the hole, so why don't you send him home. His bags are packed, he's got his airplane tickets- bring him to the airport...send him home."

From: 'Happy Gilmore'


I would not say that my routines are focused exclusively on girth. In actuality, I would really like a bit more length to get to 8 inches erect and should try to concentrate my routines more on stretches, smaller diameter pumping,etc. But most of my favorite PE techniques seem to accelerate my girth gains rather than length gains, and my body has a tendency toward quicker girth gains.

During my PE life, I’ve never consciously tried to focus on length techniques vs girth techniques or vice versa. I’ve just sort of evolved, changed, adapted, revised, etc. and tried to keep a lot of variety in my program so as not to get bored. So far it’s worked. Regular periodic experimentation keeps PE fresh for me.


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