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Please help on supplements.

Please help on supplements.

I’m getting confused about l-arginine.I read a post about l-arginine maybe stopping gains because of healing the ligs and then I read others about it helping.Can someone help and can anyone give me a list of vitamins to take.
Iv put this up before so hope it ok.
Ginko biloba
Cod liver oil
Multi vitamin


Vitamins I was going to try=
Horny goat weed
Tribulus terrestris

I don’t want to be one of the newbies who asks stupid questions,So sorry if it is.

Between us we’ve discussed this quite a lot, but never concluded anything solidly. Some feel that quick healing may be detrimental to gains, but that stands only as long as we accept the “micro-tears being held apart while they heal” theory, where it heals over before getting to exercise again.

My current feeling (which changes sometimes) is that the rate of healing is not really the issue. In fact fast healing would be preferable to me, all else being equal. What I do believe to be very important though is the healing process. By that I mean if trauma is minor, then the way the body responds is quite different to if the trauma is more severe. If you think of how a scratch heals compared to a cut, you can see how the body determines whether evasive action is required, and therefore whether scar tissue (haphazardly laid tissue structure) develops.

The consequences of over doing it may not appear initially since the tissues repair in stages, with different collagen types being laid down in the short term (notably Type 3), then later replaced with something more permanent (Type 1). Once the permanent tissues are laid down, further progress would become much more difficult. Imho this process, combined with unrealised gains, are what we generally refer to as newbie gains.

So, I would suggest that you take whatever supplements you feel are best to support other activities in your life without too much concern for the effects on PE, since the body has many compensatory systems in place to keep things on an even keel. I would however pay very careful attention to the amount of trauma created, and try to coax things along without getting into heavy exercise that will create resistive adaptation rather than progressive adaptation.

Thanks shiver.Ya I think ill just use what I want for the mo like you said.

L-arginine is good for stronger erections

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