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The timing & taking of multiple supplements...

The timing & taking of multiple supplements...

Ello chap, how’s tricks?

I’m hoping you supplements experts can help me out…

I get up every morning and go for a run followed by an hours work out. After that I drink a pint of milk mixed with some massive whey and take a zinc pill to help protein movement. Thing is, I’ve just got a load of supplements which I want to take around this already established routine.

The supplements I’ve just got are:

Ginkgo Biloba,

Lecithin Granules,


Pygeum Bark,



Plus I’ve got some Tribulus on the way…as you can probably tell, I’m after bigger balls + load…but I don’t wanna kill myself!

I’m thinking of mixing the Lecithin with the whey and I’ve heard it’s best to take the L-Arginine last thing before bed as protein kills it. Any ideas of what supplements work well together, or I guess more importantly, cancel each other out if taken together? Plus is it ok to mix Clomid and Tribulus together?

Any help would be great…I’ll be more then happy to report my findings plus post some before and after photos.

Many, many thanks..

bigger loads - a little NOX2 plus abstaining from sex/jerking off for a couple of days. Trust me, your fella will be like a volcano!

thanks wondering, but i’ve spent too much on supps this month as it is! ;)

I am curious about this taking Argine before bed thing as my NO2 instructions say to take it early in the day. Maybe it is you just arent supposed to eat close to taking it. I do take ZMA which is supposed to be taken before bed right before you go to sleep.

Not sure that I can help you there, man. That is a lot of supplements and I am not sure how they would best go together. Try to find out when each one should be taken and if its with food or empty stomache and then find a way to schedule it out.

holy shit! i’ve just started taking Damiana (only taken 4 Damiana supps so far) and already i’ve seen an increase in the size of my balls! that’s pretty impressive!

and from what i understand, people take Arginine last thing at night on an empty stomach as protein pretty much cancels it out…

Well the Arginine you could take right before you run in the morning. Then take it a half hour again before lunch durning the day just like we NO2 guys do.

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