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Please, help me with LOT.

Please, help me with LOT.

Hi there. I know this is a noob question, but I must say that I DID make a research, and still I am puzzled (Yes, I checked the animation, but confused me even more!)


Length: almost 6 inches (15 cm)
Girth: 5. Something inches

(My previous measurements we’re higher. Perhaps it was due to the swollen after the jelqing sessions.)

My erection is almost PARALLEL to the body, (I think that would be 11:00).

If I pull from my penis in every angle, I don’t seem to feel any difference!! What is my LOT?? How do I measure it, because I don’t know what to look for when I am stretching it. And after knowing my LOT, which kind of stretching should I undergo to gain maximum results?

Thank you,


P.d: Isn’t bone-pressing when measuring a sort of cheat? In one way or another, what you are doing is temporally borrowing some girth to increase the length of your penis!

LOT: without an erection, totally flaccid, you must stretch out your penis in every angle (6:00, 7:00, 8:00.) and kegel. The angle at which you feel no tug-back is your LOT. Mine is 7 which is low. I hope this helps you

P.s. Try to get an exact measure for girth rather than just saying 5. Something. That could mean 5.0 or 5.9 which is a big difference

Hey Sid,
First, you know that you’re supposed to measure LOT completely flaccid. You pull on your penis at different angles, do a Kegel at each “hour” of the clock, and take note of the angle at which you non longer feel the glans tugging back. That is your LOT. In the simulation, you can see that the LOT is at around 7-7:30 (possibly a bit higher, as the movement at 7:30 is pretty small).

I don’t know that it’s important that you know your precise LOT. If you’re not hanging, LOT may be a fairly irrelevant concept. If you want your penis to exit your body lower, and thus hang lower, stretch down. If you want it your shaft to grow so that it reaches higher up your abdomen, stretch up. Even that rule is not absolute.

If you’re measuring properly and still don’t feel tugback at any angle, please let me know. The simulation currently does not account for this arrangement because I didn’t think it was likely to occur. However, it’s possible that your ligs are holding back your inner penis and preventing it from fully extending at any angle. If this is the case, Kegeling won’t “tug back” on your shaft because there’s simply too much slack. In this case, you would certainly benefit from downward stretching to try to loosen up those ligaments, and could potentially see some relatively quick gains.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Thank you guys!

Modesto: I tried again and I noticed something weird: I DO feel the glans tugging back at high “hours”, and in low too, and slighter as I go down, with almost no tug back at 6:00! But, the thing is that when I’m erect, the penis is almost parallel to my body (around 11:00). Is this normal? Or erection angle doesn’t affect LOT?

Anyways: I want to increase length, of course. What kind of stretching would you recommend?

Thanks again,

Mine used to be parallel to my body :) . Yes, this is normal. It probably means that your ligs are tight, which is typical of young guys.

It also suggests you may have some potential for relatively quick gains by stretching your ligaments. Doing so will probably reduce your erection angle slightly, as well.

The more I learn about LOT, the more confused I get. Stick to basic principles. Stretch down if you think your ligs are too tight; stretch up if they’re loose. Based on my current understanding, I suggest you start out by stretching primarily down, and see where that gets you.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Originally Posted by syd
Modesto: I tried again and I noticed something weird: I DO feel the glans tugging back at high “hours”, and in low too, and slighter as I go down, with almost no tug back at 6:00!

You might easily feel some tug back at every angle. Almost anyone will, regardless of their actual LOT because all of this anatomy is connected.

What is important is whether or not you see your glans tug back. Maintain the same amount of tension to your glans as you hold it, at every angle, and at some point if you no longer see tug back, this or somewhere in that range, is your LOT.

Originally Posted by Bib
Do not judge by the flex of the PC, but rather by seeing the actual tugback.

When the actual, visual tugback is gone completely, the ligs are taking all the stress.

Bib’s LOT Theory

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