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PE with someone under 18?

PE with someone under 18?

Hi all,

I’ve been doing PE for around 2 months now and I’ve seen some gains, hoping to go further. I was talking to my younger cousin (he’s around 15 or 16) and he was telling me that girls teased him for his small penis size. I’ve been thinking of telling him about the Newbie Routine or some other form of enlargement, but I was wondering, is it safe for him? Is he too young? Would he see any gains?


No one ever worries about young men developing their muscles to play football or do gymnastics or run track in their teen years. I don’t see how doing PE responsibly can hurt either. This means, not going at it too fast or hard and knowing your limits. When I was that age, I knew from the showers in gym class that I was small, and if I had known about PE then, I would have done it.

Thanks for the help, I’ll tell him about it.

Hi there 555,

Since you are older then him, so you must make sure he done it the right way. Don’t push it too hard as he is still developing. Take care:)


He will go through puberty and his dick will grow 4 inches from puberty. And he will think it’s PE that made it grow.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Deadeye we are talking here about a 16 years old kid, not a 12 yr old. His penis is ont likely to get bigger so yes i would consider PE an option

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Some people go through puberty late. I don’t think there is a rule that says once you turn 12 puberty starts. I’m not saying PE won’t help, if I knew about PE at 16 I’d of damn sure done it.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Let’s just say that if he’s letting girls see it enough to make fun of it’s size, then he must be beyond puberty. I myself started puberty around 15, and was my final pre-PE size by 17, if not sooner. I remember measuring myself at 5.9 NBP x 5.25 girth when I was in HS. I was pissed that it didn’t make it to 6”, but was relieved that 5.25 girth was enough to compensate for being “less than 6 inches”.

Heheh, I remember first measuring my dick when I was 12. It was 3.5” NBP. I couldn’t believe that any penis could be 6” long! The thought of it, looking at my ruler, was shocking.

Yeah I remember measuring mine at about 12 and it was also about 3.5. I was gutted even at that age I thought I should have a shlong. I imagined that everyone else was packing like 8’ Hahaha

You’re a very nice person. Tell him!

Just be sure that he don’t tell his parents that you told him to do weird things to his penis.

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