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Privacy and PE: My Rant!


Privacy and PE: My Rant!

I am a college student and Ill be 20 in April but I still live at home. With this in mind, it makes PE difficult at times. I live with my grandparents and my mom and get very little privacy. I originally started with just manual excercises but I want to up it a notch. I wanted to buy a hanger, but using it would be impossible, so I went with pumping and manuals. I pump and PE 5 times a week and do my excercises in the morning now. Keep in mind, Im a pretty busy guy, as Im sure most of you are. I go to college 4 days a week, workout 4 days a week, and PE 5 days a week. Not to mention, I have a girlfriend that keeps me prisoner on the telephone on days I cant see her.

Now that you have the background, here’s the story. I recently told my girlfriend about PE so she would give me my time to perform it. This is the first day Ive performed with her knowing. I stayed out until 2a.m. with her last night and didnt get to bed until about 3:30a.m. I told her when I left that I would call her when I got up and Id probably sleep late and I was going to do my PE when I woke up. I told her if hadnt called by 1:30, she could call me, and that I would be done by that time. The reason for telling her this is that I dont have a lock on my bedroom door and I dont someone busting in and hand me the phone while I was pumping. I woke up this morning at about 12:15 and started pumping at about 12:30. At about 1:00, Im half way done with my routine and I hear the phone ring. I hear footsteps coming towards my door, so I release the pressure on the pump and hide it under my covers. It was my girlfriend on the phone!! Naturally, I got pissed at her and told her about it. She said, “I figured you’d be done.” I told her that if I was done, I would have called. She was calling to ask me if I wanted to go somewhere later. I told her “no”, I had to do my homework for class tomorrow. She got pissed and said “You never do anything with me”. This really pissed me off, because I had taken her out to eat on Thursday, taken her out on Friday, and hung out with her on Saturday. All of those day, I spent all day with her! I told her, “All I ask for is an hour every Wednesday, Thurday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning to do my PE. All I need is 30-40 minutes every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday to workout. And all I need is maybe 30 to an hour a day to do my homework.” The way I figure it out is, I have about 6 hours of free time every weekday. Those six hours, I walk around with a fuckin’ phone stuck to my ear, even though me and her have nothing to talk about. If I let her go she gets pissed and pretty much instantly calls me back. I spend pretty much every thurday, friday, and saturday with her. Don’t get me wrong, I love her. Ive been with for 2 years. All I want is my time to workout, PE, and do my homework. Thats all I ask! And for people to quit treating my damn room like the interstate. Seems everytime I start my PE, someone’s gotta come in there. Anyways, sorry, I had to get all that out. I feel better now. I leave you with this statement though. “Give Me Privacy or Give Me Death!!”

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You will grow up soon enough, move out, then complain about being to old.

Wait until you get married.

Are you sure this chick is right for your life, as it is at the moment?

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I experienced the same thing with my ex-girlfriend. We will get into massive fights about “space” and “freedom”. The only thing you can do is to persuade her to take up a hobby, hang out with her friends, or find something else to do. Once my girlfriend joined a sorority, I have to beg her to spend time with me. We just broke up because we are both too busy with college. So, cherish the time you have now.

As for finding time, you can always PE in the shower (at least warm up and do some manual stretches) and jelq after your shower. It works for me and I live with 3 roommates.

Aren’t women fun? I’m glad I’m gay. :)

Awesome comment!

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.


You’ve got to set rules and you have to stick to them. It’s the only way to run a complicated live successfully.

At home, put a lock on the door (it’s OK to do this, you are an adult even under somebody else’s roof). Barring that, so to speak, tell the family that there are certain times when you cannot be disturbed because you are a student, you want good grades, you need your sleep/privacy, you can’t deal with interruptions. Period. You can make a sign and hang it on the outside doorknob. If anybody takes offense at this, tough. You don’t barge into their rooms, do you?

The G/F: If you two don’t set ground rules with each other now you will find yourself majorly fucked later. Kog asks a good question.



Bang her in the ass!

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Originally Posted by Dino9X7
Bang her in the ass!

I think what Dino might be saying is that since she seems to be screwing you over with this treatment, turnabout should be fair play. Either that or he just likes booty. :)

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Massive—check your private box—Steve

I had a similar problem and I’d tell you pretty much the same thing that avocet8 did. I put a lock on my door and it’s saved me numerous times when I had my weights hanging. Mind you, my parents found out about PE eventually (long story) but didn’t really mind (some “attaboy’s” from the dad).

So do what avocet8 said… invest in the lock, say you absolutely need your privacy, and that’s that.You need to be in control and the same goes with your girlfriend.

In my opinion the time you spend with your girlfriend on the phone is unreasonable. I try for no more than an hour, simply because it’s a waste of time (you said it yourself… YOU HAVE NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT). You just have to tell her how it is and DON’T take no for an answer. It’s about respect man and if she respects you (and you can always use the “if you LOVE me you’ll do it” line) she’ll understand and give you that time you need.

I don’t want to get on a rant here so basically: 1) get a lock, 2) buy a HEADSET (remember multitasking? talk on the phone + PE at the same time!!), and 3) set some ground rules. If she can’t accept them (and this will be hard) it may be time to find a new girl.

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Begin by establishing some ground rules with all those around you. Definately buy a door lock and telephone headset. Maybe consider getting your own telephone line or a cell phone and have her use it exclusively. Also, remember women will control you if you allow that. I am not telling you to be a fucking prick, but push back a little. It will not get easier when you move your relationship to the next level. As a man, you already swallow enough shit from a woman to make you puke, just for a piece of ass. Hold her down to an hour a day on the phone- that’s it an hour. If she cant take that, well you will NEVER be able to define boundaries in your relationship. Push back with all those involved, you already spend a shit ton of time with her, you have other things going on to with your school work and gym workouts. And you know what, start going out with the guys every once in a while, it will make you feel better, less stressed and she will appreciate you more.

And if this doesnt work, take Dino’s advice and “bang her in the ass”.


You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG


The best one-handed stretch there is, is the BTC stretch.

Crawl in bed, get under the covers, get in the fetal position and with your free arm reach behind you and stretch it. You just lock your hand as close to the base as you can and use your butt as a fulcrum against your wrist. You can hold this position for several minutes before your grip gets tired. Then just flip to the other side to use your other hand while the first hand rests. It’s a tag team.

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thanks for the advice guys, I really appreciate all of you. I will set down some rules on the lengthy telephone sessions. I told her once before, but I guess Ill have to keep telling her and make it stick. I will invest in a lock, because I am entitled to my privacy. I do need to just go out have a guys night out every now and then, that would be good for me. It just seems like all the guys I used to hang out with are gone now. I often feel like, she is all I have now. I know alot of you say she might not be right for me, but its hard to end a relationship thats lasted for 2 years. I guess I need to make some new guy friends to hang out with.

Trying to live up to my username! 6/9/04 BPEL: 6.25 EG: 4.75 2/28/05 BPEL: 6.5 EG: 4.75 4/17/05 BPEL: 6.625 EG: 4.875

If it’s not a long distance relationship, I see no reason to be on the phone that long. I would go fucking crazy ! I personally hate talking on the phone, it is tiring to me. I think 30 minutes a day TOPS on the phone is plenty if you see her regularly.

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