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PE videos

PE videos

How come the videos never download? I click the link it brings up a white page that never finishes.

Is there a problem with this site as I can get videos and pictures to download at any other site.

They work for me Bro, the white page only comes while you download the movie the movies are pretty big and if you have dial up it might take a while. It takes my cable modem about a minute.

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Try right clicking the link, choose “save target as” and put it somewhere convenient.

make sure your windows is updated.

Yeah I have cable so they should come in easy and fast. Any other site I ever go to they always come in fast and clear. The ones here don`t do squat.

I`ll try saving target somewhere worked like a charm downloaded in 9 seconds that`s the way it`s supposed to be. Thanks guys.

I’ve also tried to upload the videos on many occasions. I have Cable modem so speed isn’t a problem.

I’ve only been successful once. They lock up every other time I’ve tried.

Hmm, uploading might not be a good idea.

They will automatically lock if you try and download them all at the same time. Precaching on a browser, clicking the button many times and firewall settings could also have an impact.

Right click save target as.. Has made mine work perfectly download was fast movie was just the way it was supposed to be.

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