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PE and restoring the foreskin

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PE and restoring the foreskin

Hello all,

I recently found this site and think it’s a great resource for PE!:D There are so many sites out there offering all the tips and tricks on making your member bigger but all want cash at the end of the day..

As a newb I’m wondering whether it can be used to restore the foreskin? I was cut from birth and have read from many sources on the net that I’m missing out not having a foreskin:(

Any guys out there that have had the snip later in life and know what it’s like to have and not have a foreskin I’d really like to hear your views on the matter and if it made any difference to you.:lightbulb:

Thanks for reading and Happy PEing everyone!

Iacomus - I am not sure that you are going to find many people to really give an objective view on this topic. This is primarily because you need to find someone who was cut when they were old enough to experience sex, masturbation, etc. I cannot contribute much in this department because I too was cut at birth. The only thing I can say is all of my friends who were not cut talk alot about extreme sensitivity to the head when they are erect and the skin is pulled back. I suppose this makes sense because us cut folks probably have a deadened feel since our nerves have been exposed to friction a great deal more than someone who has not been cut.

Just my .02


There is a reason the foreskin is part of a male, therefore no body should cut it.

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