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Over stretching

Over stretching

I’m kinda desperate for replies right now.

I think I might be over stretching, i’ve lost all my MSEG gains, my flaccid hang is gone - I took a break for a little over a week to try and solve the problem but had no joy. I decided to try exercising again and sure enough… my MSEG increases a little, my EQ went up THAT day, so the next day I added a few minutes of ADS (only 5 minutes) and suddenly everything died again and I have a dull ache in the left side of my unit.


You mentioned that you are over stretching. Are your ligs sore? My guess about your MSEG gains, is that it was not cemented, that is why it was
lost after the break. I believe too much break is counter productive. But, since you have a possible injury now, you need to either take time off and monitor it
until it is healed OR try and reduce the intensity level of your stretch routine, but definietly stop any grith exercise.

Gains lost tends to come back pretty reasily, so do not worry to much.

What’s your routine?

Believe it and Achieve it.

I have a belief that “overstretching” will cause a negative PI. However, I do believe that overstretching the unit occasionally will cause growth over the long term. What I’m imagining is normal stretching/hanging following an “overstretching” or short duration weight that is much heavier than can be sustained.


5 minutes warmup

20 jelqs

7 minutes pumping @ 2.5-3.0HG

20 jelqs

7 minutes pump

20 jelqs

7 minutes pump…

recently I purchased an ADS and tried it originally for 20 minutes as a “test” and that’s when everything went wrong :(

Uhmmm…overstrething? I don’t see any stretches there. :-k

Marinera, the routine I outlined is my “standard” routine, I stretched for two days in a row; 20 minutes each time with the ADS I purchased. All my troubles came afterwards it seems.

My 2 cents would be to just quit the stretching and stick with what gives you good EQ.

Believe it and Achieve it.

‘Overstretching’ with wearing an ADS for 20 minutes? That’s my 2 cents: your MSG was mostly fluid build-up due to pumping too much. The ache is also caused by the overpumping.

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