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Old technique discovered.

Old technique discovered.

I found this article online. The last bit reveals a technique that is a little unorthodox, but if anyone is willing to try it.oh just read it below. (But don’t blame me for the bad capitalization and punctuation. I’m posting it in the form I found it in)

Published: 01 Jun 2007 in the SUN online:…ticle231557.ece

NEARLY half of all men are unhappy with the size of their willies ? For no good reason, a study claims.
Researchers say there is no need to worry as 85 per cent of women ARE satisfied with their partner’s penis proportions.

The study found GIRTH matters more than length to 90 per cent of women. The 60-YEAR worldwide research ? Led by Dr Kevan Wylie of the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield ? Analysed 12,000 willies and quizzed 50,000 adults.

The average erect penis was 5.5ins to 6.2ins long (14cm-16cm) and 4.7ins to 5.1ins (12cm-13cm) in girth.

The study defined a small penis as one less than 2.7ins (7cm) long.

The researchers found those with a “normal-sized” penis often mistakenly thought theirs was too small. Almost 40 per cent blamed their insecurity on watching porn as teens.

Medics warned lengthening methods do not work ? And dismissed extreme measures such as hanging weights from your old feller, like Indian holy men, or getting a poison snake to BITE IT, like some tribes in Brazil.


Uh, yeah. Don’t plan any trips to the pet store just yet. (Reminds me of one of the Jackass movies)

Begin 12-28-08: BPEL:5.8 EG:4.75

Current 2-08-09: BPEL:6.0 EG:4.90

1st Goal_____: BPEL:7.0 EG:5.50

It’s a well know fact that if you get a poisonous snake to bite your willie you will have no more problems.

Mind you If its a male snake, it might think it has found a soul mate and..

I think I’ll stop there.

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