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Jelq stick technique

Jelq stick technique

Just thought I’d share my jelq stick technique with the family. I only just started using sticks the other day, actually they are just some chopsticks lol but they work well. My technique is less of a jelq though and more of a stretch/O-bend. I start off (after warm up) with a very slightly engorged penis (not hard at all but more than flaccid) and place the sticks in a horizontal position (as you would if jelqing with sticks) but I do not start at the base but rather about half way maybe slightly more towards the base. At this point i will mention that I am uncut so I have to pull my foreskin back as far as possible before placing the sticks. I now roll the sticks so my penis bends around the lower stick and the top stick basically adds pressure to hold my penis in place. Then with this position I pull away from body to stretch my penis and begin a slow up, down, left and right motion. I continue this for about 30 seconds and then I roll my penis in the opposite direction (over the upper stick) and continue the up, down, left, right motions. I perform this for about 3 reps of 30 seconds for both top roll and bottom roll, I then perform a further two reps of each except at the peak of each motion I give a firmer pull and hold for 10 seconds eg. stretch down, increase stretch and hold for 10. Once I have finished the sticks technique I move on to O-bends at a no more than 10 percent erection (which is only slighlty higher than the stick technique) I have been doing this for a couple of days and it has been great, I can really feel it in my Tunica and deeper internally. While I am only using relatively light force I am sure that with time it can be increased for better results but as will all PE better to go slow.

The Chopstix Technique really stretches and softens my penis and makes o bends even more effective, or at least it has proven to so far. My stats at the bottom are up to date at the moment but I will post more when I measure in about a month.

**One point of interest though is that I measured my BPFSL prior to using sticks and then after and it had jumped by two full centimeters, this was when i first tried it and i have not measure since but I was shocked when I saw the numbers on the ruler that I reached.

Good luck and great gains to all (as long as you are all far away from my woman, lol :p )

I forget where I saw this, but it definitely looked effective, I just don’t know if I am prepared to use a pair of mine. Especially if they are bamboo.

Isn’t something Tom Hubbard spoke about?

I don’t think you should use sticks horizzontally, however, but vertically :”||” NOT “=”.

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