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Noob questions; ADS

Noob questions; ADS

I’m completely new to PE. I currently have about average size, and I’m looking to add girth and length. I live with a few in a college dorm; I’m pretty sensitive about the whole PE thing and I’d like to keep it on the down-low as much as I can. I looked at thread (here: My gains (start 1-1-2007)) and I was impressed with his results.

Here’s what westsidetoni did:

I started doing PE on 1st of January this year.
In the first month I used to wear the 8h per day and added a 1 hour manual stretching and jelqing workout in the evening.
From the middle of to end of march I only wore the penimaster, I didn’t have time for the manual exercises.
During the first 3 weeks of I wore the penimaster for 12h a day and added 2h of manual workouts.
During the last 10 days I only wore the penimaster for a few hours and had about 5 off days.
I’ll get back to a more intense routine by tomorrow.

Is this type of routine recommended? Is it possible to wear an ADS-device at night? Wearing one in the day for me is absolutely impossible. Also, what kind of equipment (gels and ETC) do I need to look into that are better for low-profile PE? I’m worried that if I use gel for jelqing, it might smell and my roommates would eventually think WTF is going on. I’m also thinking that they would get suspicious if I were to microwave a sock full of rice for PE warm ups.

Stick with the Newbie routine before even looking at other routines. Plus you need to get you penis in good enough shape to handle a hardcore routine like the one described. We would all hate to see you injure yourself and not be able to use the massive member you’re working to build. Once you start getting results from the Newbie routine you’ll also see how PE’ing works with your current living arrangements. Actually the Newbie routine has worked so well for me that I still stick with it with mild changes with a pump and clamp once or twice a week.

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Probably not as suspicious as when they seeing you walking around with a Transformer in your shorts. Or squirming in your chair like a nest of red ants has taken up residence in your crotch.

Get some Vasoline and development sudden shoulder stiffness to explain the rice sock.

Wearing anything on your cock at night is stupid in my opinion.

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