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Next step

Next step

This is my first post. This site has been great. I have been doing a novice routine for about 90 days. I’ve gotten decent results.

Routine is BTC for several minutes
Minimum 300 wet or dry jelqs just depending
Various other general stretching

I’ve gone from about 5” erect length to 6.25” consistently with the occasional 6.5”. Non erect length went from 3.75 to 4.5” consistently. Erect girth is now 5” from 4.5”

I seemed to have peaked on this newbie program.

Can someone suggest another more intermediate program that will take me to the next level?

Or should I just continue to increase the number of jelq reps and the length of time for the BTC?


What do you want to accomplish? Length and girth? I would increase your stretch time and the number of jelqs. Maybe do one session in the morning and then replicate that session at night as well. Give it a little more time before you start into squeezes and Ulis and such.

Congrats on your gains!!


Room to Grow,
Thanks for the response.

My goal is to improve on both but the current focus is on length an later on girth.

I’ll try the two session approach as suggested.

Should I just keep increasing the number of jelqs to 400 per session?

How long before I go to Ulis? Another 3 months?

Thanks again

I’d give yourself another month. That should be plenty of time to get conditioned. Then you can start adding the other, more intense exercises.

Increasing to 400 jelqs a session (x2 session = 800) over time would be a good thing. Jelqs are the basis for any good girth routine. I do about 800 a day; sometimes more if I have time.

If you are focusing on length then definitely up your stretch time. And do your jelqs at a lower erection percentage. I just had someone explain DLD Blasters to me again, and they sound like a good idea for length. You might want to give them a try. All it is is a variation of regular stretches with kegels. Here’s a link.

DLD Blasters…Un-Real Length Gains


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