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Need Step by Step instructions on making a new cylinder

Need Step by Step instructions on making a new cylinder

Currently i have tried to experiment with a paintball container but have failed to make a cylinder out of it. The tube i am currently using is a 2x10 gravel cylinder from walmart if there is anything else out there that i can buy to make another cylinder i would appreciate it very much. I have thought of many things but they will not work.

Here is what i did with the paintball container i drilled a hole in the end and put the tube inside and sealed it with silicone glue. That keep the top from leaking but i cannot get a good seal on the bottom i have tried everything from silicone the bottom to heating it hot boiling water to see if i can flare the end upwards but that will not work. Some one had told me to get a bird cylinder feeder but the ones that i have seen just have to many holes on the outside of it.

In desperate need to make another cylinder any help would be greatly appreciated.

Gravel cylinder should be fine just coat the mouth of the tube with some plasti-dip and your good to go.

I found that PVC piping is the best for pumping. And is a lot cheaper than other tubing.

All you have to do is place a can over the top of the tube punch a hole in the top and force your tubing from you pump into the hole and tape the can so no air can inter it,

For my cylinder, I’ve used multiple layers of duct tape on the outside for comfort and I put a small length of bike tube over the gravel cylinder (and the duct tape). You can probably do the same to your paintball container with a bigger tube. Good luck bro.

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Originally Posted by inamo
Gravel cylinder should be fine just coat the mouth of the tube with some plasti-dip and your good to go.

If you warm the mouth of the tube with flame - not enough to burn it! - it will become soft and pliable so that you can shape it.
This works extremely well and I think you can find more info on home grown pumps in the thread about just such things.

The best investment you can make for your home made pump though is a decent hand pump with a gauge so that you can prevent
damaging your dick. Otherwise just go grab grannies vacuum cleaner or the shop vac.

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Why do you want another cylinder? Is the one you have to small or just uncomfortable? After buying expensive cylinders I have gone back to my wal-mart gravel cleaner. I use sections of inertube about 2 inches in length put over the end in two layers to improve seal, reduce the need to shave (I just trim a little no razor) and cushion. If the size is the problem you can find different models at different pet stores.

What do you want in size and function?

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