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The first step

The first step

It finally happened.

A quick background to set the scene.

My wife does not know I do PE. She would not understand, and sees it as wasted time (like watching TV when I could be helping with the housework - you get my drift).

I have had just over an inch erect gain, and quite an impressive (in my eyes) change in flaccid hang. Hell, it now hangs.

She has had kids, and her uterus has dropped. Something which has become more and more frequent is that she doesn’t like me going in deep as it hurts (the cervix I suppose – she thinks has something to do with uterus.). So the other night, I used this link: ,got some pics, and tried to use the uterus/deep thrusting excuse to show her she has a CDS and how bigger dicks could help her there. I was interested in her reaction, and even thought that depending on how things go it could be the right moment to hit her with PE (not admitting I was already doing it, of course!)

Well, it went kind of well. She was a bit skeptical about the uterus going back to take the larger penis. And then the fun started.

She stated that if I had a very big penis, there was no way she was going near it. She would happily pay for me to go to a prostitute (I suppose she wasn’t being very serious with that last comment, judging by the sarcastic tone). I bumped in saying the average was around 13-15cm, and………..she asked me how big mine was! I said that I didn’t really know, that I had measured once a a teenager (which was true, I just didn’t say about the second and consecutive times LOL). So I got a ruler, and dropped my pants. She commented that my flaccid was much more than the average guy, and in a matter-of-fact tone, as if I always had been!!!! I was freaking – this was the first positive comment she had ever made about my penis size. In fact, it was the first true conversation about size we had ever had. I’m sure she had noticed – she’s not blind – but as it’s been gradual increase I suppose it just creeps up on one.Before measuring, she wanted to estimate on the ruler the size of my penis. I turned it over, and she put her finger on a mark, said “No, that’s too big” and moved down a little. I turned over and it read 16cm (I’m 17cm nbp) Not a bad guess. So I took the ruler,did a gentle BPFSL, which hit 20 cm on the ruler, and she was amazed. She said “it is actually quite big, isn’t it?”

She later mentioned, half jokingly, that my penis must have grown, as she didn’t recall having that deep thrusting problem when we were first together. I was tempted to mention PE, but I didn’t feel it was the right moment. As well, she supposes it has something to do with the change in uterus position, but she also seemed to accept that I had a bigger penis than she realized (and of course I didn’t go into the details of BP vs NBP etc). Maybe the internal change has played a part, but perhaps not.

At any rate, thanks to PE and these forums, I have talked to my wife about penis size, and she thinks I have quite a big one (who’s going to tell her any different LOL). She now thinks I have a 20cm penis (for what it’worth) but more importantly, we are beginning to speak about topics that were not discussed in the past. The next step is buying a pump and using it at home – she would think this more normal (once I explain the medical advantages ;) ) and I don’t think she would like the hanging thing.

So, the journey has begun. The first step, which is always the hardest, has been taken.


Nifty story, Guiri.

The next step, getting a pump, should be a very easy one. Point out to her that with a good seal you will have no problem vacuuming and dusting at the same time. She will be impressed with your ability to double task, and have more time for sex - the housework done.



That’s great Guiri! I think that every guy should discuss, with thier significant other, this subject. I think you handled it quite well. Maybe this thread could progress with others who also have done so.

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Guri, gains are sweet but even sweeter when they are noticed. I don’t know what I would do if I did not have Jen as my official size measuring coach;) I love when she notices.

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I’ve been looking at a few pumps on line. If I have the cash next week, I’ll ask you for advice. I’ve been very interested in this 2hg ? thread, gentle pumping for gains - sounds like me!


easier said than done - but as I said the first step is always the hardest.


I sent Jen my address, but she insisted on my paying of the airline ticket. Maybe after summer ;)


Originally posted by Guiri
I sent Jen my address, but she insisted on my paying of the airline ticket. Maybe after summer ;)

:) :) :)

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple


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