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Newbie Questions


Newbie Questions

So I just started PE about a week ago. I just had a few questions, many of which I’m sure have been answered on other forums but there are just so many to look through, even with the search. I don’t even jelq for that long, about 5 minutes after I shower (I stretch in the shower as well). But my questions are, is it supposed to be sore afterward? It’s not like pain, but soreness and when it goes back to being flaccid, it seems like there’s a lot more skin. Is this normal? Also, I know there have been numerous threads about veins, well, I have two veins on the side of my penis that kind of just showed up, again it doesn’t hurt so much as it’s just some discomfort. Should I take longer breaks between jelqs or what? Thanks guys.

There should be some soreness after, especially if you are new to the exercises. It should disappear with time.

If the veins don’t hurt I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Breaking during jelqs is an individual thing. If you think the veins are something bad, then stop for a few days. You wouldn’t lose much size, but that is if you just want to be on the safe side.

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What about the bumps? ‘Cause there are some bumps at the base of it but again, I don’t feel pain. Am I just being paranoid?

Never got any bumps so I can’t really comment on it. Sorry.

But, have you shaved the area or anything?

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Actually yeah, good point.

It’s only been about a week and I’ve already noticed it to be a lot thicker, is it supposed to be this quick or am I imagining things?

How much force would you say you use?

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It’s not too much, I’d say about two or three seconds per jelq. But the difference is that I stretch it down in between 10 or 15 jelqs so yeah.

Yeah from what I’ve read soreness is normal

The soreness should feel like you’ve just had a good workout at the gym. and the veins are telling you that there is more blood flow going on. (which is good)

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Yeah I’m kind of afraid to go longer than 100 strokes, though. It definitely got thicker and I noticed that when it’s flaccid (when I’m not cold ha ha) it’s longer, too.

This may be a dumb question, but how do I know if I’m jelqing too hard? So I gained like .25 inches from 5.75 to a solid 6 now in about a month. I’m pretty stoked but is it normal to gain this quickly?

ares18 Congrats on the gain!

Guys report gaining that much in a month all the time.

I did.

You must be doing something right. The consensus is don’t change your routine until you stop gaining. You may want to slowly increase the amount/time of jelqing as recommended by the Newbie routine, but it is up to you.

I am sure you are aware to be sure to measure the same way every time.

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Yeah I used the overhand grip instead of the underhand. It hurt when I used the underhand. My penis somewhat curves down, however, very slightly. But how do I make it straighter?

Nice gains ares18,
sounds like your on the right track.

Keep up the good work.

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