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Some questions and concerns from yet another newbie, please advise anyway

Some questions and concerns from yet another newbie, please advise anyway

Hey everyone,

I’ve been thinking about PE for some time, and I was hesitant because I really didn’t quite understand it till I found this great resource. I’ve been reading on the site but I haven’t found answers to my questions. If there there, just give me the link.
So I just started having sex about a year ago, and right from the getgo I had no problem with premature ejaculation. I came down with a case of prostatitis a few months later and this kinda screwed with my erections and made me ejaculate alot quicker. At the same time I had tried some jelquing exercises but stopped because I was worried they were causing the problems. So I got medication and cleared up the prostatitis not long ago, and I’ve been feeling almost like my old self again, but not quite.
I’m about 6.5 EL and my girth varies, I already have sort of the baseball bat shape to it, so it’s 5 at the top, but a little more than midway down it tapers off to 4.
Short term goal is 7 EL x 5.5 EG and long term is 8 x 6.
So my questions are these.
1) after I stretch or jelq, the rest of the day and the morning after, it’s really hard to get an erection. And the erections I do get, don’t stay hard unless their given almost constant attention. Also when I jelq it’s difficult for me to keep it at a 60-75%. So my question is, when you grip around the base of your penis and jelq, could this be hurting the valves involved in trapping blood in the penis? I’d like a bigger penis, but I really don’t want to lose the already slightly deminished erections that I have.
2) I’d like to minimize the bat shape obviously, and give my base some girth, but when I jelq (I do Dry jelq) the blood always goes to the top half before I feel much pressure, and, since I’m gripping hard to stop the blood flow out, then won’t that tissue not only not expand, but even contract. I’m just worried that I’ll make the baseball shape worse.
3) I want to try this with only manuel stretching and jelqing, and I know there are alot of gainers that do other things as well, pumps and hanging, and I was wondering if there’s anyone out there that’s seen gains from just the manuel exercises
4) when I jelq, and make the ok grip, and start to move toward the glans, the part below my grip, goes almost to flacid girth, and the part above obviously expands, and when I move to the base again, I losen my grip, hold a kegel to force more blood into it, and catch it before it can escape, and eventually the part I have clamped off like that get’s to full “erection” which is the only time I feel any pressure on the lower parts where I have less girth. Is this anywhere near the proper technique?
5) if you grip too hard, can you cause any curvature to the left or right by having your hand positioned wrong. Don’t want to bend my penis, I think it already curves slightly to the left, but very slightly.
6) I know you guys are annoyed of people asking this, but could some of you guys, especially the ones that are only doing the manuel exercises, tell my your routines. I’m just trying to decide what I’m going to start out with.
7) have any of you actually gotten better erections from the exercises? I’d like to here what you did if there’s anyone out there

Sorry for the short novel but I’m kinda nervous about starting cause I don’t want to hurt myself or put myself in any worse overall penis health. I really appreciate any advice you guys can give me, especially you seasoned pros.

Oh, and what are ulis?

1) Might be a sign of overdoing it. I have no problem getting erect after a workout unless it’s really late at night.

2) Can’t help you with, I’m a newb, I don’t dry jelq. Try a search for baseball bat as the thread title.

3) Tons of people have enjoyed gains with manual routine alone. Many on just the newbie routine.

4) Sounds about right, like I said, not a dry jelqer. And my problem is opposite, I don’t struggle to keep the erection up to the level I want, I have to try to keep it down.

5) I believe accidental curvature caused by improper hand positioning would be highly unlikely. There are techniques here that detail how to correct a curve with jelqing against the curve. There’s a recent thread too, should be easy to find.

6) Manual routine? I’d say you only need one right now, the newbie routine found in the first thread in this forum. Stick with that for a few months to condition that schlong (plus enjoy some decent and exciting newbie gains).

7) Without a doubt, yes. Most people do.

8) Relax. Check out the Physiologic Indictors

9) Ulis aren’t needed till your past your newbie routine, it’s a girth exercise and can be found in the video tutorials.

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1) Not breaking your penis is a good priority to have so be carefull. Many guys do experience a weakining of erection strength at first. This is not a permanent thing and as your unit toughens up will go away.

2)Experiment a bit, perhaps backing off a bit on that Kung Fu grip till you have more time in PE. If you do get a bit of the baseball bat thing going you can always do some hanging later which gives the opposite effect.

3)Most gain from only doing the manual exercises and do nothing but manual exercises. Some add in pumping because it does wonders for flacid hang and can help with gains from manual exercises. It also has benefits for guys with ED. Hanging is rather a last resort in you are one of the small percent that the exercises alone don’t produce gains for. Also good for giving a tree trunk base to your unit and will negate baseball bat dick.

4)I will leave this one for others as I suck at explaining jelqing.

5)I do not know. Some guys have reported “fixing” a right or left curve by working against it while jelqing so it might be possible to give it a hook it you were the most incompatent jelqer ever. I don’t see hand positioning doing it but if you worked at bending the thing to the left for long enough you just might…so don’t.

6)Go the the progress logs/routines or what ever the hell we call it forum. For now just do the Nood routine.

7)Yes, most guys get better wood after their units get used to PEing. We have a number of guys that ended up here looking for ways of combating ED rather than looking to get a larger unit.

8) No, masterbation does not afect gains.

9) the search button is your friend

10) Welcome to Thunder’s and keep us posted on what you are doing and how it is working.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

1) Then you are overdoing it.

2) Do a search on “baseball bat”

3) Yes, most people get newbie gains - from the newbie routine.

4) ?

5) You can curve it, if you curve your jelq stroke. Jelq too hard, can cause injury.

6) You start with the newbie routine. Thats what its there for.

7) Yes. Kegels help massively.

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