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Newbie Advanced Questions and Routine.

Newbie Advanced Questions and Routine.

Hello Everyone. This is my first post here, but been at p.e. On my own for a while before this. I have compiled a list of questions that would assist me in the right direction. I’ve also included some questions, that can raise a nice discussion perhaps. I have definately done my searching, so I’m looking for a nice little talk to go on..

1. For a sound routine, is it best to keep pumping and hanging on seperate days? (Like M-F hang, and Sat-Sun pump only?)
2. I will be using an ADS as well as a heavy hang session. I’m assuming it’s best to heavy hang first(morning), than use ADS while at work, and return to a heavy hang session at night. Am I correct on this?

1. There are many supplements out there which people use to increase bloodflow, and possibly make ligaments stretch more. I’ve done lots of research on these, and a couple arose some thoughts that were never brought up here..
-Blocking cortisol levels. There is a few supplements which say they lower, or block cortisol levels, which is what I thought slowed positive growth.?
-Using a creatine TYPE product while pumping to increase dilation, and more oxygen to the penis cavities. Nanox9 a newer supplement I have, but yet to take, includes a l-arginine, and a yohimbine in it’s creatine. I’m wondering if a take a light does before a pump session if it would pump my veins up more than usual.?
-Andrenosterone- a product called 11-oxo is a andro type product, which states Enhanced insulin sensitivity and glycogen deposition among other things. I’ve heard from people that this supplement will give erections. ?

Health Concerns:
-I’ve noticed that as I gained length, I think my testicles are travelling outwards as well. To picture this, when one jelqs from the base, there testicles come along a little as well. When I get a 100% erection they seem to be on the shaft and not hanging much at all. Is there a limit to how much one can gain in length, before the testicles have no more “room to hang”. I almost think I need testicle weights before I hang anymore..

I’ve tried to cover it all in one post, so hopefully some things get answered. Thanks to all the p.e.’rs.
Take Care.

Vacuum hanging, and ADS.

I hear lots about water blisters.. I also read about wrapping the glans with something to prevent blisters, and lymph build up. Any tips on using the vacuum products with a wrap? What kind, like a ace bandage to just cover the sensitive areas in the vac deivce?

Search for ball sack stretching. Just use your hands and stretch in all directions. You will wish that your dick grows so easily

The only question I’ve got a line on would be the pumping/hanging question. i’m a believer that pumping works BEST when you jelq/stretch in between pumping sessions. This not only massages some of the under skin lymph buildup away, but also ensures that the CC’s and internal structures get worked/stretched/massaged/made more pliable for your upcoming sets.

Be aware that a lot of people are going to tell you to, “go for length” and then girth with the rationale being that it’s easier to stretch out a thinner cock than a thicker one- which is also probably correct. However, if you’re like me you’re probably interested in seeing the whole unit/look of your penis advance at once.

THEN: bpel 6.0 eg 5.0 bpfsl 6.125 NOW: bpel 7.375 eg 5.25 bpfsl 7.625


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