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Newbie Question Clamping.

Newbie Question Clamping.

I know I’ve been here a while but I’ve been going clamping crazy lately. Let’s say I gain 1 inch in girth. Then I wanted to start gaining more length. Will I lose girth I created from clamping? Is it smart to clamp first then try for length 2nd? What about doing heavy stretching while clamping will that hinder clamping gains?

3/11 - 8.25 BPEL X 6.00 EG - GOAL 9.00 BPEL x 6.50 EG.

You will not lose previous girth gains by focusing on length unless you haven’t “cemented” those gains. Some members think it’s easier to gain length with a smaller girth (less resistance), but I wouldn’t let it worry you too much.

Clamping builds up a ton of internal pressures and is a very intense workout. My EQ never did very well when I mixed clamping and hanging. That being said, everyone is different and for some people, it’s fine to do. Be careful and err on the side of caution if you start a clamping routine.

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