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Newbie question about jelqing

Newbie question about jelqing

Hey there, I’ve just joined Thunders place tonight and after a thorough read I must admit it seems pretty impressive.
Although as appealing the success stories are and how motivational some are (such as luvdadus’ ), I am still quite sceptical as many newbies here are.

I’m a bit worried with the jelqing. I’ve already finished my first beginner’s routine and noticed after jelqing that my penis glands was blotchy and blue.
Basically my question is, is this normal? Am I squeezing too hard maybe? There was no pain for the duration of the jelqing or the entire routine for that matter just a bit of discomfort when jelqing, my penis felt as though it was becoming engorged with blood which it obviously was. Sorry if I sound at all worried or anxious I’m just completely new to the experience.

If anyone wants to know the routine I used, it’s the “Newbie Penis Enlargement Routine” by Luvdadus found here Newbie Penis Enlargement Routine

Discomfort? Explain better please. You shouldn’t feel discomfort while jelqing. In case of doubt, better less force than more.

Well not so much discomforting, probably not the best word to describe the feeling. It felt unusual is the best way I can alliterate it. There weren’t any negative feelings / side effects other than the blue blotchy-ness on the head. I’m just wondering is that normal?

Well, if it felt like an erection more powerful than normal, then it felt like it should feel. :)

I think your penis suffered no harm. I guess you are yourg?

Yeah it definitely did and looked quite a bit more powerful too.

Thanks for the confirmation I was just a bit worried being such an amateur haha.

Yeah man I’ve just gone 18, I appreciate your help and time in answering my worrying question! :)

No problem. Next days you’ll feel horny, probably. Wear loose pants. :)

Take your time, find the right pressure. Slow wins the race in PE.

One day of doing it too light is better than the alternative.

Cheers to both of you I will stick adamant to your advice of going slower and steadier :)

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