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Clamping question

Clamping question

No, I am not a newbie. Did PE consistently, starting with a newbie routine, then moving on to Mem’s routine, for 4 months. In that time I was also taking a PE supplement called Vigrx plus, which was very expensive, but may have helped my gains. I started at 6.5x4.8. Gained roughly .9 inches in length and .15 in girth over that period. After the 4 months I took a 3 month break, and since have returned to the Mem’s routine for a month. Started clamping 6 days ago, and am currently at roughly 7.75x5.3. Clamping sent my eq through the roof which probably is what gave me the .25 in gain in length. It has definitely had a great effect on girth, especially when flaccid. I predict that 3 months of clamping will give me at least another .5 inches in girth. My question is how many days I can clamp consecutively and what kind of breaks I should be taking. My penis doesn’t feel particularly fatigued, but I figure in my first week clamping I better take a break just to make just all is in tact. This is my second recovery day, and I think I will clamp either tonight or tomorrow, probably for another 4 or 5 days consecutively. If I am not showing visual or feeling fatigue, should I still take recovery days? Btw, I have been doing 6 to 7 minute clamp sessions about 3 to 4 times daily on clamping days.

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Read what I stumbled on, It worked for me, but we are all different. I started rapid gains by consistently clamping 4 weeks straight and 2 weeks off, but I also took 2 days off during the 4 weeks on. I felt it gave my penis a chance to heal and repair itself, but after the break, it was kind of coming back to PEing like a newbie, you know, as a newbie some of us got rapid growth. Read my story I have reached my goals.

Guys, consistency is the key here, but you also need to give your penis time to heal and to rest, give it a break. Some of us take vacations because we need a break and to clear are heads and we are back at work ready to attack, why is the penis different.

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