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Newbie Question About Measuring

Newbie Question About Measuring

Hi just had a quick question about measuring, when measuring with a curved penis should it be straightened out for measurement or should it be left curved for measurement any suggestions.

I straighten mine out when measuring mainly because it is easier to get a good measurement, but also so that it is consistent as I move forward.

- Chris

Welcome to Thunder’s Place dute. The search button is at the top of every page. You can do a simple one with the drop down menu or an advanced one with the “Advanced Search” link in that window. On the advanced search page you can limit searches to “titles only” and if you do you can find these:

Proper way to measure a curve
Measuring my curve
Measuring Curve?

If you search using all words in all threads (not just titles) you can find over 100 threads that contain the words “measure” and “curve.”

Westla90069 thank you for the input and the links. Your right about the search sorry you guys.

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