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Question regarding Measuring

Question regarding Measuring

Hi everybody, I am new and I have a few questions about the very basics. Mostly about measuring.

1. Is stretched flaccid size normally longer or shorter than the erect size?
2. If a penis is slightly curved, should the length be measured along the curved side with a tape or string? Or does it not matter at all?
3. When they say that 5 or 6 inches is the average size, is it bone pressed or not?
4. I only have time to barely complete the newbie routine, therefore I’m a little concerned about the time when I get to the more advanced levels.. Is it OK to decrease the intensity a little but spread it over a wider range of time? Also, do I have to keep adding more time into the routine as I advance? Is there a final “set number” that I should achieve or should I just keep increasing the time for each session?
5. Last question, can I substitute wet jelqing with dry jelqing and stretching?

Thanks a lot!

Welcome aboard, aaron.

1. Dunno, I never cared much for the BPFSL :)
2. Mine has a (downward) curve and I’m using a tape (like the ones clothiers use(d)).
3. Most studies don’t contain the measuring methodology.. especially studies that relate to condom manufacturers (you don’t need BP measurements if your condom only needs to cover the dick NBP :) ). I think it’s NBP (for most of them.. Search!).
4. IMO There is no fixed time needed for anyone.. Find out what works best for you (in terms of growth) and go with that.. Read sparkyx’ threads on PI (=Physiological Indicators) and that “Understanding the physiology of growth” (or something along the line).
Generally, doing the same spread over a wider amount of time is better for growth. That’s why some people use/do ADS (=All day stretchers).
Besides there are so many variables:
The number of sets, the time spent in them, the exercises done, the force used in each of these exercises, the warmup state, etc.

The newbie routine only gives a rough timeframe to start with.
Some peeps need more time to get gains, others need less than that..
The general consensus is: Find out what works for you.

5. Wet jelqing == Dry jelqing.. Stretching is some completely other beast ;)
It’s just that uncircumcised guys (like me) usually go for dry jelqing and circumcised guys find the wet jelqing to be more comfortable.
IMO it’s just a matter of taste (and comfort) :)


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Thanks a lot for answering!

One more question, how is all day stretching possible?? Or all night in that matter?

All day.. usually by manual device, eg. a captain’s wrench (search!) or some device by one of the commercial guys here ;)
All night.. see here: Fowfers

Good luck on your gains,

Have you ever had sex before?

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