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Newbie here. Signing in

Newbie here. Signing in

Hey guys,

I’m momodu7 and I just registered yesterday. I’m just reviewed the newbie routine so I’m going to stick with it for now and see how it goes from there. Thanks for having me.
Oh, by the way my measurements right now is:

Flaccid length: 5.5”
Flaccid girth: 5.0”
Erect length: 6.5”
Erect girth: 5.5”

What do you guys think of my measurements to begin with?
All replies are welcome and appreciated.

Welcome to the forum. :-)

You are starting in a range that many have set as their goal! Keep with it and who knows where you’ll end up!

Be safe and best of luck to you!

Keep an open mind and a closed wallet... unless it\'s open to making a donation!

Thank you. My only source of confusion are from 2 places: heating and erection during the exercises. With the heating, is it possible to just take a warm shower and massage my penis without wrapping?
With the erection: Is it possible to do the exercises flaccid and still get results? I know that from what I have read, it says to be at about 50-75% erect. Unfortunately for me, I’m like a light switch; as in it’s pretty hard for me to get half erect. Either I’m flaccid or fully erect.

Any tips from guys with the same problem)

Heating can be done in various ways;
- Hot shower
- Rice Sock or hot compression pack
- IR lamp

Anything that transfers heat into the penis and can do so for a prolonged time if possible. Not sure what the wrapping question relates to; it’s generally only while hanging. Which is not something you should start out with.

I wouldn’t worry about your erection level; start flaccid, jelq and make sure you stop before the erection level is too high (Generally considered an advanced technique), let it subside and start again. With time you’ll be able to control erection levels better (Although you’ll most likely gain erections easier, so it’ll balance out).

Thanks for the advice about the erection part! The wrapping part has to do with wrapping a warm/hot facecloth around my penis to heat it up. Sorry for the confusion. By the way, what is an IR lamp?

Wrap in whichever way you prefer, heat needs to penetrate the tissue but obviously don’t burn yourself ;)

IR stands for Infrared, lamps designed to heat tissue. Commonly used for application where tissue needs to be warm; think of physiotherapists and the likes.

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