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Newbie gains

Newbie gains

This is something I have to ask for the newbies: did you have gains even with the basic training program?

I am trying not to get too anxious and keeping myself to the basic training.

I read a lot of stories here about anxiety and unit damages.

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Start 5”x3”
Currently in basic training program
Goal 8”x5”

It’s just one of ‘those things’ Shimarts.

Some people make gains fairly quickly - Others take a while’ and then quickly make gains.

It doesn’t really depend on how old one is. More perhaps how fit one is, as guys of all ages have been in one or the other categories.

Sometimes it is because a member may be doing a routine that doesnt suit them for making gains

The thing to do is watch how you react to an excersize, . After the newbie routine try some of the more advanced, and note how your body reacts. then concentrate on using the more productive ones.

But the Golden rule is Don’t go mad on a new exercise work up to it.

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Originally Posted by Shimarts

did you have gains even with the basic training program?

I did not.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I noticed that the unit flaccid looks bigger and heavier. That’s the only difference for now. When hard, it has exactly the same measures. I noticed also better erections and a bigger sperm volume (I’m also trying to do Kegel).

I found very hard and boring in the beginning, but now it’s kinda routine now.

I’m following exactly the program, doing C Grip instead of the OK Grips.

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Start 5”x3” (15.08.2010)
Currently in basic training program
Goal 8”x5”

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