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What to do now 10 weeks into newbie routine, no gains

What to do now 10 weeks into newbie routine, no gains

Like many PEers, I have had my share of sporadic and ultimately doomed attempts at PE, usually ending in me overtraining my penis, blowing a load, and frustratedly deciding to quit about two weeks or so into the routine. I seem to have finally gained the patience (and cum control) to be able to stick with the newbie routine. 2 days on, 1 day off, increasing by 5 jelqs every two sessions, finishing every session with a strong erection (usually with some edging or ballooning involved), only cumming on days off.One session I did 25 more jelqs than usual and had the familiar pain of overtraining the next day; I did not make that mistake again afterwards.

All in all I think I was quite consistent and mindful of my routine, but I’ve failed to make even minor gains from my starting measurements of BPEL: 7.75 in x EG: 5.25 in (except for a noticeable increase in morning wood and EQ). Also, after missing my previous two sessions (my only missed ones) due to unforeseeable circumstances, my dick has actually seemed to turtle up when flaccid and it doesn’t seem to “cooperate” during my sessions and won’t stretch like I’m used to it doing when stretching/jelqing.

I am willing to stick with the newbie routine but I’m really hoping for some suggestions as to what I can add to spur some growth. For the moment I’m really wanting to increase length to at least 8” before I start working on girth.

I can tell you what won’t grow your dick and that is quitting PE. Otherwise just stay focused and do some searching for clamping 101 and pumping 101, if you like what you read maybe you can start incorporating one of those methods into your routine. Don’t let it get you down that you haven’t seen any gains and remember that you warm ups, and stretching are just as important as the jelqing.

You are probably working your penis too hard. Try easing off the pressure when jelqing etc. . But it might be worth taking a week or two off to allow your penis to recover.

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I had similar problems when I started but by time you will learn to know your body, my advice is to make really soft jelqs more like massage just make them pleasant and don’t do any stretches yet.

Just keep at it man. If you’ve gone 10 solid weeks without missing routines then that’s fantastic and you’ve already accomplished more than most people who want a bigger dick will ever do towards getting it (not talking specifically about Thunderians :) ).

After another few weeks you may wish to start looking into more powerful exercises like hanging/pumping/clamping. You may also want to do some reading into the benefits of incorporating IR heat into your exercises. Finally I’d also recommend doing lots of reading on theoretical side of PE. Everyone’s penis is different and we all grow differently, the more info you have of how your physiology fits in with a particular growth theory, the better equipped you will be to know how to proceed in different directions to achieve your goals. Good luck :)

For now stick with what you are doing. At the same time do a bit of homework and plan for the future.

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