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Newbie Gains Newbie Loss

Newbie Gains Newbie Loss

Hi, I’m pretty new to this whole PE thing, but I have been lurking for some time. I’ve started PE seriously, starting back in February (so nearing 2 months total).
I’ve been following the Newbie Routine, except I don’t really do the kegels that often. 1 on, 1 off.

I’ve gained almost a 1cm (~0.4 in) in length. But just yesterday, I tried measuring girth and it seems like I’ve lost close to 1cm. There have been variances in my girth, but that’s the lowest drop I’ve ever seen so far.
This is one of my fears when I committed to PE. I was okay with not gaining anything as long as I don’t break or lose something. So now I’m freaking out a bit.

Anyone has any idea what’s going on or how I can fix this? Help would be really really appreciated!

PS. I’m thinking about taking a 3 day break from PE and masturbating, then see how I measure up again.

Make sure to do your “official” measurements with at least two days off from PE.
I personally don’t qualify it as an accurate measurement unless I can maintain the same measurement at least three times. But that’s just me.

Take a couple of days off, then see where your at.

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