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Gains in one dimension brings loss in another

Gains in one dimension brings loss in another

Greetings everyone! I’ve only posted here once before, but I thought I should participate more in the community and share something I’ve noticed about my progress, as well as ask for input on my routine.

I started PE about 7-8 months ago, and I noticed that as I made my newbie length gains of about .5” doing the newbie routine for 4 or 5 months, I a lost bit less than .25” of girth. Since I was more concerned with girth I started clamping (lightly at first to see if was adequately conditioned). I regained the lost girth in about 5 weeks, but now after a couple months of almost exclusively doing girth work I’ve lost maybe 1/8th inch in length.

Is this unusual? Do you think the loss of length is just loss of uncemented gains, or just the little fella’s way of trying to maintain it’s volume despite my efforts? The initial loss of girth despite great EQ seems to support the later, but all the information I’ve found in the forums seems to indicate the former. Maybe it’s something else entirely?

I’m not overly worried about the loss of length so far since I’m fairly satisfied with my just over 6.5” BPEL (just under 6” NBP, another .5” might be nice, though I’m not worried about it). I do want more girth though. I started just under of 4.5” MSEG before I went down to 4.25”, now unofficially just shy of 4.75”; I’d like to get to 5.25”ish. I’m hoping the length loss is as easy to get back as the girth was, but even if it isn’t I think I can live with a little back and forth as long as the overall trend is positive.

I’m currently pumping about 30-45 minutes/day at ~3.5hg, and clamping 2x10min 2-4 times a week, depending on PI. I also do a little light jelqing between sets for blood flow. I’ve found that I start to get decreased morning wood after 2-3 weeks of this, so I take 3-5 days off and start over. Similar to the OLF/OLR method, I guess. It seems to be working pretty well, but I’m certainly open to suggested improvements. I’ve been tweaking this routine for a couple months now to find something I like, but still feel like things could be improved. I’m single and live alone, so no need to stealth.

Thanks to the great community here for all the great information I’ve found so far. I think the community here is friendlier and more helpful than any I’ve ever found on the internet, aside from maybe some woodworking forums I’ve been to.

Ill answer in two parts:

- As you start PE and make some newbie gains in length you may notice that your girth decreases a little bit. I think this can be explained by better EQ. Prior to PE you might have had a softer or chubbier erection, leading to a higher girth measurement. If you gain length some of that chubbiness can be displaced lengthwise, which would lead to a lower girth than at the start of PE.

- If you stop doing length exercises to focus on girth, you will lose that length — especially in the case of a newbie where many early length gains are due to stretching.

There are many people who gain both length and girth at the same time by doing a balanced routine. Of course the gains will be slower since you are splitting your time between both length and girth.

I’d just say the gains weren’t cemented.

That’s reassuring. Thanks guys.

I am 7 months in and gratefully accepting my newbie gains, but I am noticing that any girth work robs me of length.

When I begain clamping I thought it was the greatest thing in the world…until I realised that I was stopping length increases entirely.

I have always been satisfied with 5 1/2” girth and so giving up clamping was only difficult from the simple enjoyement aspect. I couldn`t get over how BIG my dick was fully engorged while clamped.

So now I`m only focusing on length work until I break 7” and beyond.

My wife loves my 5.5 and never complains about length, in fact I`ve hit something occasionally that makes her uncomfortable, so I don`t drive her around like a jack hammer.

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