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New Girth Make Condoms Tight HELP

New Girth Make Condoms Tight HELP

OK with my new girth I did not think about how tight condoms would be. I was about to “fool around” with my girl friend and I tired to put on a standard condom and it was WAY too tight. It cut off blood flow and hurt. I have a little over 6” in girth. What size condom should I use? Help!

Well if you are too big for a medium condom I would recommend a large sized condom. This seems kinda intuitive to me though.

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Congratulaions :) Carefull you dont hurt her

Try Magnum XLs. Worked for me.

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Magnum’s (Trojans) are size on if you are 6.25 girth or there abouts.

If $ is not an issue and you want a custom fit check out

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The thing that confuses me is when people say condoms are one size fit all. Just because it can fit a 6.25 doesn’t mean it’s comfortable.

I second base’s suggestion. Go for the XL.

That is a good thing to complain about! By the way, nice girth!! Did you have to work to get that or is it natural?

I have 6”girth from the base to the head and although regular condoms are kinda hard to put on,,they get the job done and I have no problems using them. But when I do buy condoms I get the magnumsXL.

use Magnums, I’m 6.5” girth and when I wear them they work well. The others…way too tight, almost kills an erection getting them on. Now that I’m fixed I rarely wear one.

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