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jelquing and base girth & how to get base girth

jelquing and base girth & how to get base girth


Does Jelquing make your girth at the base smaller with relation to the head?
I mean you are pressing blood to the front so it kind of seems logic that the head can get bigger with time, but how should the base get more girth?

I am only interested in girth, especially at the base, then shaft, my head is already big enough -> could you give me a quick help on this?



If you can, I would recommend you try hanging. Hanging is excellent for base girth. Surf over to the hanger’s forum and read up as much as you can before making/buying one, and definately before trying it.

If you have any other wants like more length then it’s also a very good route to go down.

In the mean time, why not give the newbie routine a go? Once you’ve grown accustomed to it (could take a month or two) mix in kegel-enhanced jelqs and uli’s. If you press in hard (like a bone pressed measurement) with your fist before you take your grip for the uli, and any other girth exercise, then you will more effectively work the area that will be your base when the fat is in the way.

Hi AntiMike,

Welcome to Thunder’s! I like your name BTW.

Listen to ICM, he gave some solid advice.

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