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Need help with stretching

Need help with stretching

Hey when I’m doing stretches I feel like I’m stretching the outside skin of my penis and not the ligaments. I tried to look for a video but I might be overlooking it. Can someone help me? And actually I’m a little scared of stretching because a year ago I started P.Eing and did a lot of stretching and I got the most uncomfortable feeling in the head of my penis. I went to the doctor because I thought I had an STD but everything was negative.So it had to be the P.Eing so I stopped for a while. SO all in all I need some help


Your problem lies in over-exerting your penis. You must take it steadily, and also you should condition you penis to getting exercised (Nothing to do with masturbation) .

So I would suggest you read up on the Newbie forum and get you dick more used to being exercised in a gentle manner rather than hit it with too much force.


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Are you cut or uncut?

I am uncut and to stretch I wear latex gloves and use baby powder. I pull my foreskin back and grip just below the head and as of yet have not had a problem.

Give gloves and/or powder a go, it has helped me and I am extremely sensitive at the glans.

Take it easy.

Follow the newbie routine, which says 5 min stretching, or even less is you feel that pain in your penis again. Do some 10-15 seconds stretches in the beginning and then gradually move to 30 seconds stretches.

And you can find a lot of stretches videos here:

A Quickstart Guide to Manual Exercises

Start, of course, from the simple manual stretch.

Good luck!

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I am cut, and the pain was a year ago I def don’t know it was the P.E that caused it but does every1 just grab right behind the head of the penis when stretching?

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