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Need help with an extender

Need help with an extender

I know absolutely nothing about extenders and god forbid if you Google them. Every site claims to have to safest and best. I’ve skimmed through the threads here and can’t really understand what’s what. So I just want to ask outright. .What would be the best extender for a newbie to go with. Something not TO complicated, but works, also safety is a HUGE concern to me. Really not wanting to cut corners on it if I don’t have to. I would be willing to spend upwards of around 200-300. Is that a high quality price range or going cheap? Lastly, a safe, discreet website. Thanks in advance.

6004 unless you are willing to dedicate alot of time and commitment to an extender , hit and miss just isn’t going to work , commit to newbie routine first, learn your penis , then go from there.

I have been doing the newbie routine 2 or 3 months and I’m just not seeing any length results. I definitely have girth results but I’m starting at 5.5” girth and 6” length. I mean one problem is I can never get an accurate measure on length. I guess subconsciously I know that I’m about to measure and I lose it. But how long would you recommend basic workouts before jumping into extenders? I just felt like it would be something I could do more often.

this might help, i just posted in your thread , What is the best routine for me. You have your hands the most often.

Go to aliexpress and get the proextender. Costs 11 dollars. Its the same as the bazillion other spring loaded extenders on the market. That make your penis 9 inchers in 2 days. I have one. Works great for long periods of extending and then I can stretch a lot better when my tissues weakened.

Length log step by step with personal insight on life -

Extending and Stretching

My informal analysis of reviewing numerous threads here over a considerable time is that a dedicated hanging routine may yield results equal to an extender but without the daily 8 hr requirement. In otherwords, 10 hours per week hanging may yield the same result as 30 hrs per week extending over a two year period. While others claim 1” length gains in 3-6 months, I think you should get you mind around a 1 year committment to be truly purposeful.

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