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Need advice

Need advice

Hi guys
I have been dating new gf after quite long pause. Yesterday we went to her place for first time and thing became interesting, after foreplay I pulled off her panties and put her into my lap and suddenly my erection was lost almost immediately.. Maybe it was because I was a bit nervous, but after that I became so nervous that I wasn’t able to get even semi erection. I feel really terrible and my self confidence was shaked into ground :( . I went home after and I did jacked off without any problems. Now I’m freaking out about my next failure.

I really don’t want to fail again, I would appreciate any advice to claim my self confidence back, I was thinking about Viagra ect but it is pre scripted in our country. I m thinking on that event whole day and it freaks me out even more.

Good thing is that my gf still have patience and she doesn’t make any big deal of it.. For now..

Sorry for my English it is not my native language

Worrying about it is the worst thing you can do mate, relax :) . I wouldn’t rush into using drugs too soon. Have you had problems of this nature before, or was it just a one off thing?

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Originally Posted by Dom_rockwell
Worrying about it is the worst thing you can do mate, relax :) . I wouldn’t rush into using drugs too soon. Have you had problems of this nature before, or was it just a one off thing?

Well I did not have this kind of problems before but I haven’t had gf for almost 3 years so I’m a bit nervous now. Btw I’m 25

I used to have the same exact problem, it’s all psychological. The second you get that doubt in your mind that you will not get an erection, you absolutely won’t.

I know this sounds weird, but pretend you are about to have sex with this woman and try to get an erection without letting your nerves get to you. It took me almost 3 months to get over this psychological barrier, but once you have 1 successful night with her, then it’s smooth sailing.

Just don’t think as much, relax and do what’s natural.

Just relax and get to know her first. Maybe once you’re more comfortable with her, and you realize she’s not perfect herself, and you have a degree of trust between you, maybe then you wont get so incredibly scared. I’ll tell you what, if you’re not using protection you should be scared! Don’t be a fool, wrap your tool…! Ok, maybe I’m teasing but seriously… you can’t sweat things this hard. If you think about it, you’re focusing too much on yourself. Pay attention to the girl, what she’s feeling, her body language etc. She will like you more for it, and maybe that can solve your issue at the same time.

Just relax and be cool.

Always be cool.

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Just tell your girlfriend that you are nervous and that that is the cause of your erection loss.

Build up in a comfortable and relaxed setting, get to know each other a bit more, take it slow.

If she truly likes you then she’ll support you in it and over time it’ll be ok.

Definitely nerves. Wife and I split last summer and I had the same problem with girlfriend, I would shag the wife and still get wood but when I was with the girlfriend I had to work at it.

I went through a similar thing when I was younger. I used liquid Kamagra and slowly weaned myself off it as I became more confident. It is totally normal if you are drunk or nervous to occasionally experience this. You only need a script to get controlled substances, everything else can be bought online, viagra is easy to get hold of.

Say no to drugs, try having her give you some head. The wood will come back it always does.

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Don’t stress dude, it happens to the best of us. Just don’t think about sex while you’re doing it, don’t get overly excited. And the worst thing you can do is get so worried that you type out a thread asking for advice.

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