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Need Advice !!!!

Need Advice !!!!

Here’s the issue:
Before I started PE’ing and up until now I have noticed while flaccid, that from the base of my dick to about an inch up the shaft, it is much thinner then the rest of it. So picture this: With one hand you slightly stretch out your flaccid member, with the other hand you grab the base with an OK grip. While squeezing gently begin to jelq, as I reach about mid-shaft the girth becomes noticeably thicker and this thickness continues up to gland. Now when I am erect, I do not visually see much difference at all in girth at base and mid-shaft???

So the questions: Is this normal?? Does anyone else notice this?? Does anyone have some good advice to “correct this”??

Would it help if I did some jelqing from base to mid-shaft only, or will this just expand from mid-shaft to gland?
I have been experimenting with squeezes to “balloon” the base - clamp deep base with fingers and squeeze mid-shaft to gland.. ( I am confused if the squeezed portion or the ballooning portion actually gets larger!)

I realize some guys do have a “baseball bat” shaped dick, or thicker mid-sections. But do these guys notice a similar thing??

Any/all advice is much appreciated :)

I have the same thing going on too. Like you, I’ve been doing some squeezed to expand the base. Only just started with this, so no results yet. When erect, looking down, the base does appear thinner, but actually has 1/16” more girth than midshaft. It just doesn’t have as much width. I was thinking about making some jelq sticks to work this area in particular.


The part I need to stress here is this:

“While squeezing gently begin to jelq, as I reach about mid-shaft the girth becomes noticeably thicker and this thickness continues up to gland”

This is performed while very flaccid… The thickness in constant (same) from mid-shaft up to gland…

Thanks again


Did I confuse everyone?

Is this a normal thing, and I shouldn’t worry?? Is everyone’s flaccid dick much thinner in this area?

If I understand this correctly, it sounds like you are developing a “baseball bat” effect on your penis. Then again, 4/5 into a bottle of Jack Daniels, and I swear my dog can sing Frank Sinatra almost as good as Cappy.

If this is the case, the only thing that I have ever known first hand to improve this is hanging. Some people say clamping will work but I don’t have first hand knowledge of this. The only other thing you can try is my original half-baked idea of jelqing from the pubic bone and making sure that all of the penis is being worked and only do it 1/3 up the shaft.

I think the problem with jelqing is that more blood gets captured by a jelq towards the glans of the penis and it does create that baseball bat effect. The only other thing I would suggest is to start with a hard jelq at the base and lighten up near the midshaft to alleviate the pressure near the thicker part of the penis. This could effectively even things out with less expansion where you don’t want it at the moment.

Please let me know if anything is unclear, I am still trying to get back into the swing of things here before Thunder finds out it was me who threw TP all over his house.

-Tom “The Ump” Foolery

Edit: I just re-read your first thread - and if it is just a flaccid effect then I am not sure there is anything you can do. However, if this continues this may affect your erect look.

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Why don’t you try “base ballooning.” Do a search and you will find it. I’ve never done it, but the pictures seem impressive.

One foot to go

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