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Myths and false ideas in PE

Originally Posted by RedJr
Another way to put this (I think) is if a man or woman has the average amount of sexual partners (nine) than their chances or encountering an 7.5 inch penis in the 9 encounters of only 21%.

I agree with the concept. The challenge is that a woman can alter her experience of encountering a 7.5”+ penis if she chooses to. 20 years ago, it may be more difficult for a woman to target 7.5 incher; but with Internet nowadays, it is very easy to hook up and date guys that are pre-selected by a woman.

Onemoremushroom: Yes, I totally agree with you. A penis looks much bigger when it is NOT yours.. LOL This is similar to the “toilet effect”, where guys look much bigger when a person looks from the side. Emotions can also play a huge role in judging a penis size. When a girl is horny and excited, there is a tendency to over evaluate a penis. When you are happy, everything looks good ;-)

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Originally Posted by marinera
How do you know it is the inner penis that you are seeing?


I’m not sure. Basically a section of my penis, I couldn’t see before from below, is now observable. Not only that, but previously when I was semi-erect, I couldn’t bend my dick to the side. After a month of PEing (maybe a bit longer), my dick could go to the side. It scared me because a section kinda seems to “pop” out when by accident my dick while semi-erect dropped to the right side. I have anxiety issues and I got scared. But it wasn’t anything. I assumed that some part of my penis moved forward? Here’s my first thread in this site from that time:

“”I’ve been lurking here for about a month and finally decided to register today. I started PEing on April 24, 2010 and I got an unexpected benefit-my testicles dropped backward along my inner shaft, if that makes sense. They have also gotten larger and hang more. I also added immediate girth (1/8”-1/4”) to my base (did accurate measurements) in about 3 weeks. Both me and wife were surprised (about the testicles moving backwards). My wife suspected something was different with my testicle position as all her past boyfriends had much more backward and lower placing. But she didn’t say anything for fear of embarrassing me at the time.

This also explains why penis length measurements from below (ventral testicle area) are usually much longer than above (dorsal). My measurements were about the same or slightly longer from above. Now there’s a huge difference favoring measurement from below and my penis looks quite long when viewed from below. Previously I looked like a fire hydrant (6+ girth). I suspect the exercises and kegels somehow pushed my testicles backwards and down (hang more). I’m not sure why they got bigger (maybe change in temperature?). I’m doing a linear newbie type routine with kegels. Thanks for all the information. This forum has been a revelation for me, even though I was skeptical at first.”

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