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My virgin post

My virgin post

I started PE one month ago and this is my first post

I follows newbies routine. Usually, warm up for 5-7 minutes, then 15-20 minutes basic stretches and 15-20 minutes jelp. I took 4 days off in the past month. The beginning BPEL is 6.125, I measured days ago, BPEL is almost 6.5, if I press hard .

I guess I may practice PE too intensively. Yesterday after PE I noticed a small lump close to glans in my penis. I visited doctor today and he told me it is traumatic lymphangitis. I guess it may be jelp which causes this, but I do not want to stop at this stage. I may practice gently and pay more attention on that small lump.

By the way, I have a question about measuring penis length. It seems that BPEL will be slightly different (around 0.1-0.3) when it is measured at different gestures. I found that I got the max BPEL when I sit straight and press penis horizontal. My beginning BPEL was measured in this way, so I may stick with the gesture. Also, my NBPEL would be at least 1 inch smaller than BPEL, and I am 5’11 and 170 pounds. Body fat is around 15%. I guess I may have a thick fat pad. It so, I need to have BPEL 8 so that it could look like 7inch. However, BPEL 8inch seems impossible for me.

Hey tediest, welcome and congrats on losing your posting virginity!

As for the injury I have no helpful words for you other than maybe you should take it easy until things heal up a bit. I know taking a break from this magical exercise sounds horrifying but the last thing you want is to end up with a broken dick.

As for measuring the BPEL I strongly recommend that everytime you measure up, you do it in the same position, with the same ruler/tape, in the same/similar room temperatures. Basically try to make each measurement identical to one another for the most accurate readings.

Some people may be extremely thin with 6% body fat yet still have a large enough fat pad, it’s kind of unusual but I guess it’s there for a reason eh.

Anyways like I said just try to take things easy maybe just do manual stretches until you feel you’ve recovered and most importantly, try not to get too eager when stretching and jelqing. Remember having a small, working penis is far better than a huge, broken one.

Starting stats (17-01-2011) : 4 3/4" BPFL, 4 1/4" FG --- 6 7/10" BPEL, 4.75" EG

Current stats (30-05-2011) : 5 1/4" BPFL, 4 1/4" FG --- 7.5" BPEL, 4.9" EG

Haha, can’t agree more. I think I have to slow down. I am trying to burn some fat to see how the fat pad will go. Hopefully, I could cut my body fat to 10%, but there is no need to push myself too hard. As you said, health is more important.

That lump will subside quite rapidly, it’s not a problem, it’s just a fluid build-up. I get it after almost every PE session. It usually gets reabsorbed in a few hours.

Hi tediest, nice to see that you are gaining. You say that you are in the second month of the newbie routine, you do seem to have ramped up the time spent stretching and jelqing. Some people don’t have any trouble doing this, however I was wondering what your Physiological Indicators (PI’s) were like. Also many people believe that rest days are good for gains, your early traumatic lymphangitis could be an indicator that you are over doing it. The general recommendation is for 1 day on 1 day off at the start, moving to a 2 day on 1 day off regime.

On the measuring side, we all like to find the angle that gives us the biggest number, but isnt it more relevent to know how much you’ve gained. This can only be known if you stick to the same angle, so be consistent, and dont press so hard that you break the ruler or your pelvis.:)

Hi thestretcher, yes, the doctor said, the lump will disappear without any treatment and some people may take few weeks. It varies. Mine is still there and I will take a long break in march.

Stuzilla, thanks for your suggestions. I am experiencing some positive changes on my body.Before PE, I have morning wood occasionally, maybe 2-3 days per week.
Since I started PE, I did have very solid morning wood almost everyday, even I was really tired or just had masturbation before that night. I have noticed increased hardness of erections, but it is as significant as morning wood. Also the flaccid size also increases slightly. I am 26 and I keep swimming for half hours almost everyday and workout at home for 10 minutes. I think physical improvement would also benefit my PE.

By the way, I just measured this morning, BPEL is 6.43, starting is 6.125, about 0.3inch gain.

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