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My Virgin Post

My Virgin Post

Hey All,

This is not really related to Mens’ Sexual Health, but I was wonder does anyboyd have any experience in increasing facial hair?
I’m 21 yrs old and my father and his brothers and all my cousins are quite hairy and they all have pretty thick facial hair, excpet me. :(

All comments welcome.



Well, I guess you just lost your cherry. Welcome to the Land of Penile Enhancement and a lot of other stuff.

You inherited long and complicated DNA strands, included among them are hair growth commands which may be very different from your father’s side because your mom and her family were also involved, gene-wise.

You can increase facial/body hair by making adjustments to your hormone system but this is risky and very highly complicated, just for the result of a heavier beard. In doing that, you may also change erection patterns and your basic mood patterns, to name just two important areas. Not worth it.

I suggest this (but somebody here may have a better idea):

Shave often. If your face is clean-shaven, few if any will notice what your beard pattern really is. Those you are intimate with will appreciate not getting brush-burn and anyone seeing you on the street will assess you as a guy who takes care in his appearance. This is always a sexual attractant.



Hello Kai,

You know, shaving lots makes your beard grow faster. When I was at school there were a lot of people who started shaving very early, and they had good moustaches for their age. That was for religious reasons I think (why they wanted a beard).


Well have you tried ...

You could always use the Power Jelqer, tons of hair has started growing on my unit ever since using it. Just kidding, I couldn’t resist.

As for the lack of facial hair, enjoy the condition while it lasts. When you get way older your hair will grow in places never dreamt off and not grow in places it should. You will have to use a weed wacker to trim your ear hair and lets not even get into the subject of nose hair.

Good luck in your quest. Hope you can find a solution, but don’t let it bother you or become an obsession.


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