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I never paid much attention to NBPEL. I probably should have. Tracking it along with bodyfat percentage or at least body weight could be interesting.

So how do you know you have gained lenght NBP?

I don’t see how I could have not gained NBP. Refer to my previous posts in this thread. BPEL increased 1.75”. I felt the added length in various stretching positions.

When I started PEing back in 2001, the relatively small PE community wasn’t talking about NBPEL vs. BPEL gains. BPEL was accepted as being the better measuring technique due to fat pad fluctuations, so that’s what I tracked.

My advice to newbies today is to record every measurement possible before starting PE.

Hobby can you 100% say you gained NBP length? You said it yourself that the fat pad fluctuates. If you had to honestly estimate ignoring BPL what have you gained? Can you tell just by looking that you are bigger? Thanks for your replies by the way. Sorry for the interigation lol.

Think about what you’re saying, countdown, a zero NBP gain for a 1.75” BPEL gain would mean putting on a shitload of weight. The reason we use BPEL is because it’s a more stable way of tracking actual change.

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So if you gain BP length you gain NBP? I can’t whip a ruler out during sex and jab it to the bone an say look I’m so an so inches long, I’m after visual length. This whole thread has really got me thinking. Please help me not to lose faith.

I am very sorry that it has not worked for you, but some are very hard gainers. I am one of those. I had good newbie gains and very very slow gains afterwards. Some of us just have to work a lot longer for something to happen.

I have a fairly good photo documentation of my PE career here on Thunder’s. With measurement pictures. Some are not the best, but there is clearly a difference. Just the fact that a mole I have on my dick has moved an inch up my shaft and also that the hair has followed is enough proof BESIDES my bigger penis.

It is very illogical to say that it doesn’t work. If you apply enough force to any fabric in space, it will bend and change. It is just the laws of nature. The penis indestructible and different from everything else in the universe :) .

I for one can also definately say I have gained NBP length. I know what my NBP was when I started PE, and it is a lot larger now.

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>So if you gain BP length you gain NBP?<

Unless you put on a similar amount of fat over the pubic bone in the time it takes you to gain.

>I can’t whip a ruler out during sex and jab it to the bone an say look I’m so an so inches long,<

Yeah but then if you fuck hard you’re giving it BP.

>I’m after visual length. This whole thread has really got me thinking. Please help me not to lose faith.<

It seems that many men are interested in their flaccid size, perceiving this as small even when they don’t have so much of an issue with their erect size. If you gain 1.75” BP your NBP gains will be around the same and your flaccid size will increase also. The reason some people complain about BP length is because they see it as cheating for a length reading, when all it actually is is a method to minimise variations in measurement. This is a penis enlargement forum rather than a penis size forum, so it makes most sense to track something that shows progress most consistently.

I’m with Hobby: measure with the ruler near vertical along it’s width so it can’t dig under the pubic bone, measure often, take a 2 day rest period to minimise the most temporary effects of PE before an “official measurement” and try your best to measure in a consistent manner. Also measure everything you can thing of. Also take pictures (for yourself if for no other reason).

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I’m glad you’re posting your concerns, GainsWanted, and I’d say it’s about time. I think you would be much less frustrated with PE if you had posted earlier. Perhaps you would have gotten some help.

In my opinion, there’s plenty of bullshit on this site but that doesn’t mean PE doesn’t work. I know it has worked for me.

If you don’t mind some advice, I’d suggest you start a progress log. Document exactly what you are doing and exactly what results you see. Ask for help as you need it. Maybe some good results will follow.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Originally Posted by GainsWanted
I honestly still have a small shatter of hope and I still PE, I simply do not know what direction I should take anymore. The core of my frustration is my girth, 4.25 midshaft. Yes I have read the TGC theory, and no, regular condoms rarely fit properly. It eats at me every SINGLE day.


What is your current routine, how long have you been doing it, and have you been doing it consistently?

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I’d say it’s hard to tell with that one from the pics, cheeva. Using a tailors tape instead of a ruler doesn’t help, are there more pubes in the second pic or is it a harder push into the pubic bone? I’ve seen very few good quality pics.

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Yes, more pubes in the second one, but you can see my thumb is still in the same place, half the nail visible, and the 1” mark is in the same position. I used the tailors tape for nbp comparison because that’s what I used for my first nbp pics. If anything, the first pic is a generous measurement because the tape is not as taut as in the second. Anyway, I’m confident I’ve gained between .5 and .75 in the past 10 months, and those pics help remind me when in doubt. I wish I’d used a ruler for the first ones, but to me the gains are still clear. :shrug:

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I guess if a newbie wanted to ensure that they were making clear pics pubes length is an issue. Fully shaved might be the way to go for absolute clarity. The tautness issue I guess shows that the tailors tape is the wrong tool for the job but having picked that at the start it doesn’t make sense to change. Do you have larger versions of those pics? If you cropped and sized in exactly the same manner (so that the tape is the same length in both pics and the view is approximately the same) it might make it clearer.

Your measurements are the more important thing than pics.

I think some people do what is suggested in the first post of this thread, they gain for a little bit and then start pushing the ruler in under the pubic bone when their newbie gains stop. There is a tremendous capacity for people to want to see themselves proceeding towards a larger dick and switching from standing up to sitting down or pushing in further or measuring from the side gives a lift to the ruler measurement which means they don’t have to think about and correct their routine.

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