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My Routine - My (Apparent) Gains

My Routine - My (Apparent) Gains

I’ve been here for awhile, but always had trouble sticking to a PE routine. This past month, I’ve given it a more honest try, and it seems to really work. I’m more and more encouraged. I didn’t bother with the newbie routine - it doesn’t appeal to me. Instead, my routine is the following, 3x a week (M/W/F)

5 min hot wrap
5-10’ pumping
100 jelqs
5-10’ pumping
100 jelqs

The pumping lately has been 10 minutes each set. The first two weeks (started Sept 15th) were more towards 5-7 minutes, based on me not wanting to use as much of my time.

Also, I’ll note that I miss Fridays a lot ‘cause I end up being out all day and night, and on the weekend I’m fucking so PE is on the backburner until Monday.

With this haphazard style of PE, I’m making apparent gains, particularly in girth. Length, I sit somewhere about 7.5 to 8” (depending if I measure along my curve or not), so I’m not too concerned with it, and I’m sure it will increase a little through this routine anyway. Girth, I was normally 4.9 or so, or right around 5. Never really over unless I did pumping the day before or so, and even then, it didn’t always stay. I basically felt too thin. This is why I wanted to do jelqing + pumping.

In any case, I’m sitting easily over 5” now, more often than not, around 5.2” or so. Even if I have to keep up this M/W/F deal, it’s basically a 30 minute commitment to give myself about a quarter inch more.

I know the results seem to be staring me in the face, but I’m not going to call it 100% effective until I see a bit more, ‘cause I swear I remember it blowing up to this big in the past. Maybe it has to do with how hard I am. Still, I think that’s just the skeptic in me crying out. When I see this thing sitting closer to 5.4” and on a steady basis, I will be 100% sold on PE, and will start clamping to really push girth up.

Congratulations on your gains! I was looking at pumping but from what I have read it seems the results are not permanent and you have to continually pump to keep the gains. I will stick with the newbie routine then look into clamping further down the line. Good luck with your routine!

Good call Misterthickness.

We generally advise not skipping the newbie routine, but, of course, you can do whatever you want.

You will probably miss out on the greatest period of gains that you will potentially have during your PE career by skipping the newbie routine in favor of the temporary gains achieved by pumping, but hey, not really my concern.


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