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Design The Ultimate Fast Gains Routine

Design The Ultimate Fast Gains Routine


Based on your own experience, other fast gainers’ experiences and all the supporting data mentioned at Thundersplace, create the ultimate routine which should produce fast and consistent gains.

Fast gains = >1” (2.54cm)EL per 6 months or 1/6” (0.42cm)per month

Explain the details that make a difference, eg. strength, duration of exercises etc.

Point out mistakes to avoid.

Back up your ideas with supporting links showing why it should work and how some people have actually gained quickly and consistently with the methods.

You want a winning lottery ticket with that? You’re looking for the Holy Grail of PE routines. :)

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

I’ll have a go, this is what I am trying now although I haven’t received my far infra red heating pad yet:

5 minutes warm up using “far infra red” heating -
- Benefits of Heat in PE
- Using Light to get Heavy - INFRARED

10 minutes Jelquing at 50-75% erection, long slow strokes (2-3seconds each) - Wet or dry jelqs, I am trying out the Jelq device.
- wadzilla - Speaking to Big Gainer soon

15-20 minutes doing long duration 3 mins+ moderate strength stretches in all directions, incorporating 2min warm ups between stretches
- What happens at a molecular level?
- elastic and plastic deformation
heated tissues stretched slowly under low load will stretch longer and beyond the “creep” phase into the “microfailure” zone which is required for permanent elongation of the collagen fibres with less risk of injury.

3-12 hours extender wearing, using Far infra red heat to help with recovery
- PE an Engineers approach

Rest days should be uneccessary because the microfailures will have healed withing 24 hours but if you did pull too hard and your penis is very fatigued do take a rest day.

Try extending the duration without increasing the force of your exercises as you progress - every 3 weeks, add 3 minutes to the Jelquing and stretching sessions.

If gains stop, take a deconditioning break (3 weeks?) and then restart with a reduced version of your routine.

I am very interested in your opinions and advice for improvements.

Originally Posted by Dino9X7

You want a winning lottery ticket with that? You’re looking for the Holy Grail of PE routines. :)

Yes, I’m just looking for the good stuff!

I forgot to mention Kegels!!!

I gained 1/2” from erect kegels alone before I learned about other PE techniques but I find that they are best performed seperate from PE sessions when your erection quality is at a maximum, a few hours post PE is a good time.

- Get a full erection and force as much blood into the penis as possible by squeezing the PC muscle (while clenching your buttocks) and holding it for 5 seconds. Use your fingers to create a manual clamp at the penis base with your forefingers and thumbs. Release, get another maximum erection then repeat as much as possible for 10 minutes.

You can include edging and increase the duration after a few weeks.

Not only does this exercise offer some resistance for the PC muscle to work against but the internal pressure stretches the entire length of the tunica. However, alone they doesn’t give fast results.

Nice info dongalong, looks a very good routine.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

****please Help Guys****

Help me find all the Big gainer routines and post them in this thread.

If you remember reading an inspiring thread with big rapid gains please post it here.

I remember reading about RB’s fast gains, I found his routine here:

Mem’s Momentous Rapid Gain Mechanism

Speaking to Big Gainer soon

There’s enough in those two to keep you going for months and add inches. BTW Big Gainer seemed to do the same moderate stress stretches as you.

The PE forums link is broken, what where the specifics of the routine?

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Thank you Lord Harris, I based my stretches on Big Gainer’s but I think that I will work up to Mems 20min stretches.

I think that if we find all the big gainer routines, we will begin to see similarities which may hold the key to fast gains.

I can already see that stretches held for as long as possible could be part of the answer. Mem also used heat for as long as possible.

I have little experience compared to you. But you do start to notice certain trends appearing in posts where people have gained.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

That westsidetoni guy was insane, 2” in 6 months! Literally a life changing metamorphosis.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Originally Posted by marinera
this is a big-gainer’ (even not necessarily a fast-gainer) report
2-inch Growth Comparative Pictures

Cool, thanks Maninera!
Bennett8 achieved amazing results but at a slower rate, 5-6 short routines each day, seemingly his results were due to the quantity of his manual stretches which must have added up to a few minutes per pull direction per day.

I used to hold my stretches for 10-15 seconds and wore my extender for up to 9 hours per day but grew at a very slow rate. (2.5mm per month)

Here is the legendary Bib’s history:

Bib’s history

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